Ode To Black Day

Black Day comes again… Feb. 14th is Valentine’s Day, Mar. 14th is White Day, and Apr. 14th is Black Day. My fellow Otaku, let’s celebrate this day by eating Jajangmyeon at a Korean noodle shop. But first, let me present you this song “Otaku Bossa” to commemorate this bleak day.

またブラック・デーが来てしまった。。。2月14日はバレンタイン、3月14日はホワイト・デー、そして4月14日がブラック・デーです。オタクのみなさん、一緒に韓国麺料理店でチャジャンミョンを食べようではありませんか!でも、その前に、この曲「Otaku Bossa」でこのみじめな日を祝わせてください。


Lyrics below: (以下歌詞)

Otaku Bossa
written by M. LaMoe

Never ever had any luck with girls
What a hapless life as an otaku
I want to go on a date
But impossible in 3-D
So the only girls I seek
Are in 2-D

Reality’s been really tough on me
Reality’s been really harsh on me
The world just only cares about
Our marketability
Unproductive men
Are doomed to die

Never had a single good moment
Never had a good time as a dude
I want to be a girl
So I can chat with girls
Without any difficulties
But that’s my pain

This cruel world is run by natural selection
Otaku never gets to have fornication
But anime will save us from carnal delusion
Thus Moe will lead us to salvation!

Otaku Bossa
作詞作曲: M. Lamoe





Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

14 thoughts on “Ode To Black Day

  1. Best. Song. Ever.

    Fantastic work, good sir – want moar like this!!

    But alas, I am reminded of the occasion and all turns bleak yet again… QQ

  2. For some reason, the player doesn’t work in my Chrome. 🙁 First time I’ve heard of Black Day, only of SAD, but well, jajangmyeon~

    Aa, is that you singing? Lol and why is the last paragraph so happy. XD

  3. @Ehrgheiz

    Thank you very much! I’m really glad that you liked it. Thanks for the compliment!


    Haha, yes, that’s me singing. Weird foreign accent, isn’t it? But mine is better than Arnold at least.(^_^)

    Yeah, I’m eating jajangmyun for lunch today!

  4. @MLM Not at all! Your English’s good, and your voice is very nice. 🙂 And tis a cool chillout song. It’s a bit different from your singing in your intro video, which’s kinda twangy, so I wasn’t sure whether it was you, haha.
    Niisama said the lyrics were depressing. Which I guess is true, even if I can’t quite identify with it… I still like the song though. 🙂

  5. jenn: try doing the playback now. There was something wrong with the player, but it should be fixed.

  6. @Mike Oh dear. XD I’m sorry, forgot to mention in the second comment, but after about 5 minutes it started working. 🙂 So it was just me being impatient, haha..
    Oo, it looks different now. Different plugin?

  7. @Ray

    Yeah, Banzaaaaiiii!!!


    Thank you, thank you! Yeah, this time I sang it mellow.

    Niisama?? Is that some anime character? Yeah, it’s Black Day, depressing enough to eat jajangmyun. Its black sauce is definitely not my dream color. btw, jajangmyun was really good! ^_^

  8. jenn: yep, it’s an updated menu plugin, which incorporates the search box in it, which I think is a natural place to put it. The old plugin was a bit inefficient in terms of page loads. However there are some difficulties with doing custom menus, which I was using before. Still fixing 🙂

  9. @MLM Well, you sound good mellow. 🙂 Combined with the guitar, it brings to mind serenading a girl under her window. =) And no, niisama is a real person..XD
    @Mike Ah, the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a blog run optimally! Ganba~~ 🙂

  10. @jenn

    Oh, thank you again! Serenade under the moonlight, what a beautiful scene… Ochimono is supposed to be a girl falling from the window on me, but it’s been a flower pot, thus I’ve become a flower headed kappa. (^_^)

    You’re blessed to have Niisama in real life. So am I for mine is Ogasawara Sachiko, my eternal O-Neesama…


    Thanks for all the works! Without you and Ray introducing Misaki-chan to me, this song wouldn’t be possible, for Misaki-chanson is my inspiration for “Otaku Bossa.”

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