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Inside the Mind of Macy Anne Johnson
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Ikkiconn 2024: Inside the Mind of Macy Anne Johnson

Voice acting in anime is an art that brings characters to life, endowing them with emotion, personality, and depth. Macy Anne Johnson, celebrated for her…

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Jay Hickman at Anime Dallas 2023: A Voice Actor’s Animated Tale

As I sat down for a chat with veteran anime voice actor Jay Hickman at Anime Dallas 2023, the atmosphere was buzzing with anime convention…

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Tunnel To Summer Kaoru and Anzuwalk the tracks to Urushima Tunnel
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“Tunnel to Summer, Exit of Goodbyes”: A Journey Beyond Regret

What if the possibility of reclaiming lost moments in life lay within one’s grasp? What sacrifices would be necessary, and how might these actions reshape…

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Luffy to Sail in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This November, New York City’s skies will witness an exciting new addition. Monkey D. Luffy, the iconic captain from the globally popular anime, “One Piece,”…

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Anime North Texas 2023: Anime Icons Behind the Scenes

A Glimpse Behind the Anime Curtain Anime North Texas 2023 was not just another event, for those who were able to attend, it was an…

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Episode Delays are piling up for Zom 100.
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Zom 100: Delays of the Dead

Introduction: The Promising Yet Unstable Journey of ‘Zom 100’ The anime world knows the sting of delays all too well. ‘Zom 100’ serves as a…

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