Audio Column – The View from the AT Field 02

In this week’s “View from the AT Field”, I examine the fascination with “moe” using myself as a reference.

I’m actually pressed for time, so sorry if this doesn’t sound as smooth as usual (read: I think this officially sucks). XD

I’ve included the article here – The View 02.


2 thoughts on “Audio Column – The View from the AT Field 02

  1. Dude, what are you talking about. This is the best one yet! I love the “Gollum” voice. It really made me laugh!

  2. Thanks for being a friend.
    This time I didn’t manipulate the music and purposely put soaring heroic music at the part where all Otaku’s supposed to weep and nod, and I didn’t speak of myths and legends of old, which is why I think it sucks.
    Not a lot of people can appreciate my humor.

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