BAND-MAID Launches “Bestie” with Mike Einziger of INCUBUS

Exciting Collaboration Highlights BAND-MAID’s Global Influence

BAND-MAID, the trailblazing Japanese girl band, has released their latest single titled “Bestie,” in collaboration with Mike Einziger of the American alternative rock band INCUBUS. This marks a significant milestone as their first release since their popular single “Shambles.” The new track began streaming globally on April 17th, highlighting the band’s continuous evolution and international appeal.

Cross-Cultural Musical Synergy

The collaboration between BAND-MAID and Mike Einziger brings together diverse musical influences, promising a blend of unique sounds and broadening both artists’ fanbases. Einziger, known for his Grammy-nominated work with INCUBUS and as a co-writer on the hit song “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, brings his distinct musical style to the collaboration, enriching the band’s powerful metal aesthetic.

BAND-MAID’s single “Bestie” was co-written by Einziger and features lyrics by Miku Kobato, with the music jointly created by Einziger and BAND-MAID. The release was accompanied by new cover artwork, inspired by themes of friendship and adventure, designed by SAIKI, the band’s vocalist.

Mke Einzinger of Incubus
Photo credit: Shawn-Hannah

BAND-MAID’s Continued Ascent in the Music World

Having captivated fans worldwide with their unique blend of kawaii metal and authentic musicianship, BAND-MAID is set to further their global dominance. With over 198 million views on their music videos and a robust touring schedule, the band is not just creating music but an expansive cultural phenomenon. Their performance alongside INCUBUS in Japan on May 1st, and their upcoming special show with Mexico’s The Warning, underline their significant role on the world stage.

Tour Dates and Future Plans

Fans can expect to see BAND-MAID live in Tokyo on several notable dates, including their appearance as a special guest during the INCUBUS ASIA TOUR 2024. Additional performances are scheduled, including a highly anticipated special show with The Warning, which promises to be a highlight of their 2024 tour itinerary.

Wednesday, May 1, 2024 (Wed) @Tokyo Garden Theater
Wednesday, June 12th, 2024@Tokyo Roppongi EX Theater


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