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Aku No Hana, buruma fetish, indirect skinship.


Oh Yes! This manga-ka is a genuius. Even Urobuchi can’t come up with this creative idea.. How can he come up with that incredible idea? That you wear bloomers of the girl you are about to go on a date. And she doesn’t know about it! Continue reading Aku No Hana, buruma fetish, indirect skinship.

Skinship with Sawa app, Tari Tari!

Here’s app that you can have skinship with Sawania of Tari Tari. God-sent app of otaku by otaku for otaku. Just go to this link, http://up.40ch.net/swf/view.php?id=000632

If you touch her nice melons, she’ll yell at you, “Na… Hagero! (What… Go bald!)” ” Baka! Detette! (Stupid! Get out of here!)” “Baka! Otankonasu! (Stupid! Jerk!)” For do-M (super-masochist) otaku who wants to be sworn at, nothing is more grateful than this. Arigatou-gozaimashita! (Thank you very much!)

Her butt, she’ll say, “Shinjirarenai! (I can’t believe it!)” “Yareyare… (Oh dear…)” But this app only has a spanking sound if you click on her butt. I wonder why…

Her private part. “Gomen, chotto taichou warui kara…  (Sorry, I’m not feeling good…)” Yes, that means she’s having Girl’s Day!

And if you’re playing idle, she’ll say, “Hayaku! (Hurry up! What are you waiting for?)” “Nani? (What?)” “Moji-moji shite kimoi ne. (You’ve been acting hesitant and creepy).”

You can also go to Konatsu’s app if you click on her face, but as an okazu she’s…well, she’s cute in her own way!

So, enjoy!




Even wolf world is capitalism. Arashi No Yoru Ni.

Interbestial friendship (or interspecies romance?). Hetare Gabu’s salvation.

Our human world is capitalism. Whoever earns the most gets all. Winner-takes-all. Like a competition among the salesmen, whoever sells the most earns the most, and monopolizes all the attention from girls. The harsh law of survival of the fittest, natural selection, the same law of neoliberalism spread by Ronald Reagan, Maggie Thatcher, and Koizumi Junichirou.

Koizumi spread neoliberalism in Japan, made more otakus to struggle sexually.

Continue reading Even wolf world is capitalism. Arashi No Yoru Ni.