Kroi’s “Water Carrier”: A Fusion of Sound and Story in “Sand Land”

Scene from Kroi's Water Carrier music video

Kroi’s “Water Carrier” Enhances “Sand Land” with Vibrant Themes

Japanese funk rock band Kroi seamlessly blends rhythm and narrative in their single “Water Carrier,” which serves as the vibrant theme for the anime adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s “Sand Land.” This article delves into the synergistic relationship between Kroi’s music and the anime’s storytelling, illustrating how the song complements the series’ themes.

Full Music video for Kroi – Water Carrier on Youtube

Impact of “Water Carrier”

Released to coincide with the anime’s premiere, “Water Carrier” enriches Kroi’s discography and aligns perfectly with the narrative pulse of “Sand Land.” The song captures the core themes of desolation and renewal in the anime’s dystopian desert setting. With its release, Kroi not only expands their musical boundaries but also enhances the anime’s thematic depth.

Song and Story Synergy

“Sand Land,” which began streaming in April on platforms like Disney+ and Hulu, follows Beelzebub, Rao, and Thief as they challenge a regime that has depleted their world of water. “Water Carrier,” characterized by its lively drums and brisk guitar riffs, perfectly captures the spirit of their adventure. The lyrics resonate with the characters’ determination to change their fate, weaving the song into the fabric of the anime’s narrative.

Sand Land anime official trailer

This collaboration between Kroi and “Sand Land” is a prime example of how music and cinematic storytelling can complement each other. The themes of rebellion and hope are echoed both in the song and the visual narrative, creating a unified experience for the audience.


Kroi’s “Water Carrier” not only amplifies the narrative impact of “Sand Land” but also showcases the band’s ability to enhance storytelling through music. This song stands as a testament to Kroi’s artistic versatility and their capacity to engage and resonate with audiences through sound and story.

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