Tsundere Banana 2 – It’s the Flag

What it is: a podcast/audio column

Length: around 10 minutes. Less than 10:30.

Host: Ray from Taipei.

Frequency: Mondays at 10 PM

What it’s about –

1. looking into my so-called Otaku life.

2. Thoughts and opinions on my observations for many things, mostly anime and culture.

3. Inner workings, ideas and others behind the scenes at Anime Diet (animediet.net)

Comment: It’s upclose (perhaps too much for discomfort), personal (I got good hygenes) and raw. It’s Ray unplugged.

This episode: Ray talks about the New British Flag, playing The Sims 3 and thinking about God. Renting in Taipei. The book Otacool. How does one become an Otaku (hint:  you can’t).


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