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Black Day, reprise…

Black Day again… Another black noodle, and another dokupe... In the Japanese year of 2673 (The year of our Lord, 2013). This day of infamy seems to be eternal recurrence. And how do I sever it and liberate meself from screaming, “Riajuu must explode!“? This chain of Goddess of Liberty was severed, but that chain now binds me. So, I need the Excalibur or Kusanagi to cut off this chain. But I can only buy a knife from a dollar shop like Daiso. Yes, that’s what low wage proletarians can only afford.

Sacred sword from Daiso to sever eternal recurrence.
Excalibur from Daiso to sever eternal recurrence?

But this knife can’t cut anything, except for peeling the skin of an apple. Oh yes, a Meiji man’s way to describe saudade or sehnsucht. Eternal solitude, eternal singledom, but Speedwagon was also a bachelor his entire life, so it’s okay to celebrate Black Day!

So, I just let Megurine Luka sing the anti-Valentine (anti-riajuu) melody to celebrate our status of kimo-ota.

Viva Black Day!

Black Day, single awareness day…

Black Day again… Even Christ talks about us singles (incels), “there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others.” So, here I present a jisaku-poemu song as a chuuni lyricist.

Valentine’s Day without any chocolate, thus failed to celebrate White Day…while seeing icha-icha (lovey dovey) couples walking down the street, holding each other’s hands giggling, your soul gem suffers first degree burns, can’t help but scream, “Riajuu must explode!”

St. Valentine’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band? Give me a break. Rather paint it black with Dokupe (Dr. Pepper) besides black sauce of jajangmyeon. Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band… Is that gonna quench our thirst, which is exactly Sehnsucht in German, or Saudade in Brazilian?

So, let us celebrate Black Day! 

I Peropero 2D Girls

All I want is kiss, for Paradise Regained
So I snuck the drink she had, *Dokupe’s Lonely Hearts
Indirectly I had skinship with her

But she caught my sin, and she grabbed her phone
She said, “Noli Me Tangere (Don’t you get near me). Or I will call the cops!”
Won’t she ever get I was in love with her?

Those 廃人(drug addicts) have found LSD
But we the 2D girl addicts are gonna find true love in 2D
We’re gonna build our own harem of loli, tsundere, twin tail
But you see, all I taste is just LCD

So I peropero twin tail
Peropero tsundere
Peropero yandere
Loli/yojo peropero
Peropero peropero
But taste of my tears mixed with LCD

*Dokupe – An abbreviation of “Dr. Pepper” in Japanese. A favorite drink of KamiMemo‘s Alice, and also Steins;Gate‘s Okarin and Chris.

Day of Yamome (single). ヤモメイト Yamomate (yamome + mate) just like otomate (otome + mate). Thus,

yamomates of the world, unite!

P.S. Originally wanted Megurine Luka to sing this, but only have a Mac…

Black Day again…

Yes, today, otra vez, April 14th is Black Day… The day of darkness. The day as dark as black. We otaku are colonized by the darkness called 3-D. The colonized man is an envious man. We envy people who can spend a content life in 3-D, i.e., riajū(リア充). We envy people who can enjoy Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th) and White Day (Mar 14th), their life must be sweet like chocolate, dulce como chocolate. So, we’re jealous. The colonized man is also a jealous man. Therefore, let us eat jajanmyeong! Let us celebrate Black Day! Down with bitterness and absurdity of 3-D life!

2-D, banzai!

Cacophony To Valentine’s Day

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Ode To Black Day

Black Day comes again… Feb. 14th is Valentine’s Day, Mar. 14th is White Day, and Apr. 14th is Black Day. My fellow Otaku, let’s celebrate this day by eating Jajangmyeon at a Korean noodle shop. But first, let me present you this song “Otaku Bossa” to commemorate this bleak day.

またブラック・デーが来てしまった。。。2月14日はバレンタイン、3月14日はホワイト・デー、そして4月14日がブラック・デーです。オタクのみなさん、一緒に韓国麺料理店でチャジャンミョンを食べようではありませんか!でも、その前に、この曲「Otaku Bossa」でこのみじめな日を祝わせてください。

Lyrics below: (以下歌詞)

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