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Forget the hippo! What a geeky gal really wants this winter!

A lot of people seem to think I’m easy for shop for, and it’s true; you can give me a ball of tin foil and I’ll be entertained for hours. Think of all you can do with tin foil! You could make a hat… or a gravy boat… or even turn it into a super cool shirt. (Nipple covers, at least. Depends how large that ball of foil is.)

Well, now that I’m going to end up with 50 balls of tin foil in my stocking here’s a list for you original gents and gems who feel like giving someone (particularly someone spiffy and silly and spacey) something especially fantastic;

High School of the Dead (1) on DVD Blue Ray and High School of the Dead (2) on DVD Blue Ray
Don’t be fooled by the gratuitous panty shots, ladies really dig this series. I know, I am one. I’ve also seen some of the straightest women in the world turn a bit yuri watching HOTD. It’s the zombies. Apocalypse never gets old and watching zombie’s brains get bashed excites women. This can be considered a gift for the receiver AND the giver.

Ready for a play date?
Saeko Busujima 1/8 Cast off Figurine
I told you, HOTD does odd things to ladies. I’d probably play with Saeko every day. Goodness, I’d post pics of her all the time too! Hah, she’d become the star of my posts. Admit it, you kinda wanna play with Saeko too!

Unfortunately, the main anime soundtrack I’d love to obtain is unavailable.
In case it ever reappears on Amazon, I’ll keep that link there.
Angel Beats! is a terrific anime that follows Maeda’s obsession with winged creatures, themes of death and renewal, as well it contains a lot of bloodshed which for a Maeda creation may be untypical, though it’s well played here. The music is at times airy, and at times it plays into the heavy hearted anime so well that it’s the breaking point between “I’m too strong to cry” and “that’s so sad, wah wah wah.” I imagine put to the background of my or another’s life, it would add an intriguing beat. Definitely would love to have some of these gorgeous piano pieces playing in my headphones.

Kompeito This is my most recent addiction, and I have to admit my favorite thing for people to do is feed into my addictions! This candy is fairly inexpensive, yet so BRIGHT and SO SO COLORFUL!!!! It tastes like pure sugar and sweetness, though a bag lasts awhile and certainly makes an impression in a candy bowl. They occasionally stock these in a grocery store near me, and I get a bunch just to have around. As well, they are one of my favorite candies to send to friends around the globe. For someone not used to the Otaku culture, it’s only strange enough to be interesting though not overwhelming enough to turn a person away before they try it out.

Hetalia is amazing in all forms. It’s a bit of history with enough caring male characters to be categorized as “BL” without being overtly yaoi-ish, and a fan base to make any con involving a Hetalia meet-up memorable. The fan fics are probably half the fun of this series, though even someone not into the subculture this series has created, if you know anyone into history they’ll get a kick out of this.

Samurai Sword Umbrella
It’s been raining for days and days in my hometown, so this super cool umbrella would be completely appropriate.

Due it being cold and gloomy, this next item may be the ultimate gift that I’ve never been given;
Silly hats for the win.

If you know anyone like me, or know me, or just like to give gifts then check the items on the list out. It’s not too late for that perfect gift!

12 Days, 12 Moments 2010: Shizuo vs., Like, Everyone

For my next moment, I turn to one of the year’s most original shows, Durarara!!…and a scene from its 16th episode which alone could qualify for my annual Kickass Award.

I refer, of course, to Shizuo’s REAL ULTIMATE POWER BEATDOWN of the zombiefied hordes.
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Merry Christmas from Anime Diet

Anime Diet wishes you a very Merry Christmas! As our gift to you, enjoy this pairing of one of anime’s best comedies, Azumanga Daioh, with one of the greatest musical satirists, Tom Lehrer, reflecting on what everyone knows is the true meaning of Christmas (especially in America).

We hope this brings you a little laughter and joy today! Thanks for your reading, listening, and watching.

Some good reading during holidays:

Evangelion 2.0 Review, Anime Goods Experience, Tokyo Game Show, Nyan Koi 6, Kikuko Inoue Panel at Otakon pt.1, pt.2.

Don’t forget relentlessflame’s look at a Christmas Eroge.

Warehouse Confessions: A Decade Tchotckified?


Instead of another regular post, detailing either a classic show, or even an attempt to fashion a bridge between disparate generations of anime lovers, I thought I’d share this short piece of memory film in celebration of the end of one singularly bizarre decade. It was definitely a ride, and now as we dart rapidly into the holiday season it only felt right to share a little about material goodies, and what happens when your hobby takes unusual turns in history…

Ever get one of those so-uber otaku goodies that would do well to be left unseen by certain family members, only to be brought out the moment you hear their cars putter beyond the proximity of your domicile?

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 12–Words, Words, Words…and the rest is silence

And I close this series of 12 Moments with what I think is the greatest moment in anime I’ve seen this year. It comes from the show I liked best this year, ef-a tale of memories, episode 7. Those of you who’ve seen it know what I’m talking about. I haven’t seen a scene in an anime that rattled me so much since the genesis of my fandom watching the psychodrama parts of Evangelion.

Words, and silence.

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Rental Magica 12–The Christmas Episode

This is not the scene you perverts are imagining

This is not the scene you perverts are imagining

Christmas Eve deserves an episode set on Christmas Eve! I know I haven’t been writing about this show in a while…since episode 1, really. But in fact, Rental Magica has become my “easy to watch” show of the season. Yes, it’s the epitome of the Mediocre Anime, with almost not an original bone in its body. But it’s not boring enough to be unwatchable, and its cliches sometimes feel as familiar as a warm fireplace and thus mildly diverting. This Christmas episode is no exception.

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 11–School’s Out

You didn’t think I’d forgotten this moment, did you? I deliberately saved this moment and the one I’m posting tomorrow on Christmas day for last, as I do believe they represent watersheds for the year, defining moments that portend future changes in anime in general, or a least will be remembered for many more years to come.

Today, of course, I speak of the end of that lurid soap opera so innocently titled School Days. I could just say “Nice boat” and you’d all understand. But here’s a little further reflection on what it means for anime in general.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice...on a boat

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 10–A Song for the Time Leaper

Today’s moment is not, properly speaking, a moment in the story of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo). It’s the ending song, “Garnet” by Hanaka Oku, which is not only sweet, melodic, and mood-appropriate–its lyrics fit the story well without being blindingly obvious or obnoxious. (One of my greatest disappointments was learning the English translation of the wonderful Russian choral song of Fullmetal Alchemist, “Bratya.” It was so…wooden and unworkable outside of FMA.) “Garnet” is probably the one anime song I listened to more this year than any other, for what I consider the finest anime film of the year.

Here’s the full, orchestrated version of the song, translated in the video itself:

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 9–In the Britannian Future, There Is Only Pizza Hut

Today’s moment is brought to you not just by the Anime Blogging Collective and Code Geass, but also by Pizza Hut. Try our new Double Deep Pizza for just $12.99! It’s the most incredibly toppped pizza, with 50% more cheese and twice the toppings of a regular medium pizza, with the crust folded over to hold it all in! Only at Pizza Hut, Britannia’s Favorite Pizza. [Sound of clinking coins]

Eating Pizza Hut didn’t make C2 fat. Why would it make you fat?

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 8–Higurashi Ceases to be Horrible

No, not horrible as in poor quality! 2006 was a very strong year for originality and good writing in anime, and one of the year’s great standouts (the winner of the Originality award along with Haruhi Suzumiya) was the horror-mystery series Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. However, with this year’s season, it has long since departed from the strict horror genre, which marks a significant turn in the way we are supposed to understand the show. That’s the subject of today’s Anime Blogging Collective “12 Moments” series.

Warning: today’s entry contains significant spoilers for Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. If you are unfamiliar with the series/game and wish to remain virginal this is not for you. ;)

re too moe to be in a horrorshow" height="360" width="640" /> 

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 7–The Starfish of Triumph

I return today to talking from films to TV shows for this installment of 12 Days, 12 Moments–and about the most popular show on the blogosphere, too. The end of the Fuko arc in Clannad marks, in my view, the maturation of Key as storytellers, where they at last succeeded in finding the right balance between sentiment and restraint and earning the emotions of its characters.

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