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Scene from Kroi's Water Carrier music video
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Kroi’s “Water Carrier”: A Fusion of Sound and Story in “Sand Land”

Kroi’s “Water Carrier” Enhances “Sand Land” with Vibrant Themes Japanese funk rock band Kroi seamlessly blends rhythm and narrative in their single “Water Carrier,” which…

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Gacharic Spin: A Transformative Experience at Anime Matsuri 2023

With a familiarity in the realm of brilliant J-Rock performances, I recognize that each show brings its own set of challenges and distinct charm. However,…

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Momoiro Clover Z at AX 2015: A Glimpse into J-Pop’s Heart

We had the honor of interviewing, on camera, one of the biggest idol groups in Japan, Momoiro Clover Z! You’ll get to hear what they really think of their manager, and just how much one girl can sneeze–and more!

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Concert Review: IA and Wagakki Band @ AX 2015

Gendomike went to see a live Vocaloid (IA) concert, followed by a performance by traditio-metal band Wagakki Band. Here are his thoughts on the two unique concerts at Anime Expo!

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Interview: JAM Project

We had the privilege of interviewing one of anime music’s biggest bands, JAM Project. Would they ever sing any songs for moe anime? Find out and more!

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Yoshiki Press Conference Transcript: Otakon 2014

Yoshiki of X Japan gave a wide ranging press conference at Otakon 2014! Find out more about X Japan’s upcoming Madison Square Garden show, his thoughts about fashion, and more!

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