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Scene from Kroi's Water Carrier music video
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Kroi’s “Water Carrier”: A Fusion of Sound and Story in “Sand Land”

Kroi’s “Water Carrier” Enhances “Sand Land” with Vibrant Themes Japanese funk rock band Kroi seamlessly blends rhythm and narrative in their single “Water Carrier,” which…

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BAND-MAID Launches “Bestie” with Mike Einziger of INCUBUS

Exciting Collaboration Highlights BAND-MAID’s Global Influence BAND-MAID, the trailblazing Japanese girl band, has released their latest single titled “Bestie,” in collaboration with Mike Einziger of…

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A Luminous Path: Acky Bright’s Artistic Odyssey

The Philosophical Approach of Acky Bright At Anime Frontier 2023, we had the opportunity to delve into the mind of Acky Bright, a renowned artist…

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Tokyo Godfathers: Satoshi Kon’s Everlasting Gift

What Child is This? The re-release of Satoshi Kon’s “Tokyo Godfathers” in theaters by AX Cinema Nights, celebrating its 20th anniversary, beautifully showcases themes of…

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Interview with Jay Hickman at Anime Dallas 2023 Full Transcript

Jeremy – Anime Diet 00:28Hi, this is Jeremy with Anime Diet. I’m here with Jay Hickman at Anime Dallas 2023. Jeremy – Anime Diet 00:35How…

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Tunnel To Summer Kaoru and Anzuwalk the tracks to Urushima Tunnel
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“Tunnel to Summer, Exit of Goodbyes”: A Journey Beyond Regret

What if the possibility of reclaiming lost moments in life lay within one’s grasp? What sacrifices would be necessary, and how might these actions reshape…

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