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Do you want to have a matchmaker like Jane Austen’s Emma?

Jane Austen is a beloved author in English literature who is remembered for the many strong minded female characters that she has created. Her stories…

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Natsuyuki Rendezvous: Bodies and Souls in Transition

Or, a theology of bodies, souls, and cockblocking ghosts.

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The Childhood Friendzone

A Valentine’s Day meditation for those left behind, in anime and perhaps in life: the childhood friend. Examples from Ano Natsu de Matteru and Onegai Teacher, as well as from Mike’s own sorry childhood history with women.

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High School Debut – Just another teen romance manga…

Just when I can forget about high school, I started to read this manga series.. and reading it makes me think about an idyllic youthful…

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God Only Knows! First look.

Reality is such a bad game. -Keima Katsuragi

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Mai Waifu

As spring approaches, Valentine’s Day is upon us, and even the most hardened anime otaku’s thoughts must turn to love. Though some resist this destiny,…

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