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3rd and 4th Days of Christmas – Fast Talking and Self-Mockery

As I have a much larger article to write tonight I’ll keep this one short and sweet.

If Woody Allen were a pedo and an anime writer--oh wait

The 3rd moment is a memorable, cleverly written scene from episode 3 of the slice of life/action/loli dramedy Kure-nai–the three way conversation between Shinkurou, Murasaki, and Yuuno. The rapid-fire, back and forth conversation was, if anything, reminiscent of a sharply written stage play or a Woody Allen film. Witty dialogue isn’t much heard in anime and it was one of the things that made the show, whatever its flaws, one of the notable shows of the spring season.


The 4th moment is really, in some ways, a holdover from the most notorious show of 2007–it’s the final scene of the School Days: Magical Heart Kokoro Chan OVA. It is, in many ways, a fitting tribute and acknowledgment of the biggest anime meme of the previous year, though arguably the moment the creators themselves do it is the moment when it loses its cachet. This wasn’t as immediate as the Nice Boat reference in last fall’s ef-a tale of memories, but it’s an example of humorous fan-pandering.

School Days OVA, Valentine Days: Inside Every Melodrama is a Comedy Waiting to Get Out

Can he really be saying that about Makoto?

Can he really be saying that about Makoto?

The final burial of this show is done expertly, and hilariously, by the makers of the anime themselves. Having once suggested in a very serious audio column that the best way to treat this show is unseriously, there’s no better way to take that advice than to watch and enjoy this fine bit of deconstruction.

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Michael’s 2007 Diet Awards, Part 2: The Losers

So…what shows and movies deserve a place in the hall of shame rather than the hall of fame? Since I tend to give up on shows I dislike very quickly, it’s shorter than the winners’ list. But we’ve still got plenty to populate this, the first annual Diet Demerits!

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12 Days, 12 Moments: Day 11–School’s Out

You didn’t think I’d forgotten this moment, did you? I deliberately saved this moment and the one I’m posting tomorrow on Christmas day for last, as I do believe they represent watersheds for the year, defining moments that portend future changes in anime in general, or a least will be remembered for many more years to come.

Today, of course, I speak of the end of that lurid soap opera so innocently titled School Days. I could just say “Nice boat” and you’d all understand. But here’s a little further reflection on what it means for anime in general.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice...on a boat

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Art and Soul 3–The Ethics of STABBITY STABBITY STAB

Cutting ‘em to pieces

Yes, I know…School Days is long over and we should let Nice Boats be Nice Boats. But I conceived of this column’s content not long after I’d seen the final episode, as an expansion of my original review, and had been patiently waiting my turn to do the audio column about it….and otherwise out of ideas, here it is anyway!

In many ways it’s less a reflection on the show in particular than on the use of emotion in fiction and where (Christian) morality enters into it. Or, to put it another way, I felt both giddy and guilty that I had enjoyed anticipating Makoto being sliced up, and felt horrified when the final moments of the ending happened…so much that I had to reconsider everything I had felt about the show up to that point and what the show was doing. Yes, I know it’s fiction, and not particularly realistic fiction at that. I still thought there was something profoundly unsettling about it though, a feeling worth exploring in more detail before at last laying it to rest.

A transcript of the article follows below the cutaway.

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Myself; Yourself 2-3–Just One Shot…

Now that’s haunting

…can change your entire perception of the show. Higurashi played this trick, as did School Days. All it takes is one menacing moment to make you realize that not all is as it seems. That’s how much of a jolt that one moment in Myself; Yourself episode 3 was to me.

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Contest #1: We Have a Winner!

Well, our first ever contest–create your own School Days-inspired “demotivational” poster–has ended. Thanks to all of you who submitted entries. After looking them over, we’ve decided on a winner: Owen of Cruel Angel Theses, come on down! Here is his winning entry, and it’s (as another blogger on this site would say) siiiiick:

Owen’s winning entry.

Is it bloody and sadistic? Yes. Did it make me squirm uncomfortably and wonder about the morality of the person who made it up as much as it made me laugh and question my own morality for enjoying it? Yes. Just like the show’s final episode did: it fits the spirit of School Days perfectly. All while poking fun and pointing out its very sadism…this puts things in perspective to say the least!

Congratulations and thanks Owen! You will be receiving your prize soon. Stay tuned for another contest coming soon!

Review: School Days–The Wages of Sin

All it’s cracked up to be. In more ways than one.

Excuse me. I need to get one thing out of my system first.


With that out of the way, I can talk a bit more seriously about this unsettling, landmark anime which, in my estimation, went just a bit too far to be truly satisfying. The line above represents now only a small part of my feelings, the only legitimate part in what was otherwise a rather sadistic conclusion.

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A celebration in front of AT-X quickly turned into a riot.

From The Diet 3 Daily

Sept 29, 2007. Immediately after the last episode of “School Days” was played, fans gathered in front of the station and celebrated the death of Makoto.

“Nice death.” A chubby man with glasses gushed, then he immediately corrected himself: “I mean, geez, this is more bloody than the game. But at least we got to see him die without having to buy another copy of the game.”

“Waa! Sekai sama!” Another chubby man with thick-rimmed glasses said with tears: “I loved you! I loved you! I still love you! Damn that psycho bitch for killing my Sekai-sama!”

Immediately, another chubby man with thick rimmed glasses approached him from behind and started beating him on the head with a paper fan. The two began to fight desperately.

“Kill them all, baby!” A woman with wearing a shirt that said in katakana: “Makoto must die” was frantically swinging a wooden kitchen knive wearing the uniform of the school that the females characters goes to. “I cried tears of relief when Sekai-san sliced and diced him like sashimi. Hmm…Delicious!”

Incredibly, she was attacked by some men and women wearing the shirt that says: “the Makoto-sama fan club” with foam bats, but she fought back valiantly with her wooden kitchen knive.

As far as our reporter had seen, no injuries had occured.

The station personnel seemed slightly startled but didn’t react. Nobody even picked up the phone and called the police.

“They’re just dumb otakus…I mean fans. These people can’t do any harm.” said an employee refused to be named. “Besides, it’s actually late and I’m going to the bar to drink with my friends. If the security guards aren’t going to do anything, then what do I care? These are just stupid people having nothing better to do.”

A female employee identified as “Sekai” said: “These people are probably drunk and they need to go home and sleep and don’t take a stupid anime seriously.” She paused, then added: “Japan is becoming more and more unsafe these days.”

Our reporter received no bodily harm.

Stabby stab FTW anyway.

From ANN

Last School Days Episode’s 1st Run to be on Satellite

The official Japanese sites for the School Days anime series and the AT-X anime satellite channel have announced that AT-X will run the 12th and last episode on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. JST and repeat next Tuesday morning at 12:30 a.m. Those will be the first public showings of this reportedly violent episode, since all over-the-air broadcasters preempted it after an axe murder was allegedly committed by a schoolgirl in Kyoto, Japan last week.

Overflow, the game label of the developer Stack and the creator of the original School Days game, has scheduled the two announced preview screenings of the episode in the Akihabara shopping district of Tokyo on Thursday at 9:30 p.m. (simultaneously with the AT-X premiere) and 10:35 p.m. The showings will be held in the Tokyo Anime Center’s Akiba 3D Theater on the Akihabara UDX building’s fourth floor. Overflow has also changed its admission requirements; attendees must bring an identification card as well as either the School Days or Summer Days PC game, but the game no longer has to be unopened as previously announced.

Ray’s take: It’s old news but hey, when it come to ratings and money, who give a fuck about morality? The competition heats up as the restriction is loosened up. As fans, you don’t have to give a shit about that, just remember to bring your chainsaws…(playing “Psycho” stabbing music over and over again and again…)

Stand Alone Complex Crimes running rampant in Japan.

From the Diet 3 Daily (formally know as believewhatyouhear.org news) –

It appears that another teenager tried to kill his dad, but fortunately for the father, this attempt was unsuccessful.

In recent days, after watching Ghost in the Shell the TV series, a lot of crimes were committed.

However, there are no original crimes committed in the wake of these Ghost in the Shell episodes – just believed crimes. But there are copycat crimes that emulates crimes that are not there realistically.

Our agency is still trying to learn what exactly “Stand Alone Complex” is all about. But we speculate that Section 9 is already involved in the investigation.

Two real victims of these crimes are the anime “School Days” and “Higurashi”. Both had their latest or last episodes canceled.


However, our news source and other new sources haven’t reported any stabbing crimes yet. We did report some people who used cyber paper fans smacking on other people’s head for memory stealing from cyber brain crimes, in which the only thing that the victims could remember is that the perpetrator screamed: “NANDEYANEN!” All the way down the streets after committing the crime.

We would like to advice the citizens to wear special purple safety helmets and watch out for Japanese folks with tattoos eating boxes of Takoyaki and speaking in Kansai-accent Japanese.

“I want to whack all these TV station guys,” said a male who appears to be 35-years old without wearing a wedding ring but wearing a “BURN IN HELL! MAKOTO!” t-shirt and a pair of greasy jeans. “One million gigaslaves up there in the arses shall do the job quite nicely.” He said with a Alucard-mockery-British accent.

More details are forthcoming.


Michael Huang also contributed to this story.