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12 Days of Christmas: Otakon Cosplay Fail?

This anime moment is not exactly a fond one. It was Saturday night at Otakon and I was hanging out with Linda at Jenag’s and Hazu’s hotel room where…

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12 Days of Christmas: No Katsucon Cosplay Photograph

Our first entry in the group 12 Days of Christmas series is by The Paper, who remembers a moment from his con coverage earlier this year. A first, if you will.

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Anime Expo 2013 – Interview: Yaya Han

In a follow up to our 2012 interview, we were lucky enough to talk to the amazing Yaya Han again this year at Anime Expo…

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Anime Expo 2013 – Cosplay Round-Up

One of the best parts of going to any anime convention is seeing all the great cosplay, and this year’s Anime Expo was no different. …

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Yaya Han Cosplay Panel LIveblog

A live blog of Yaya Han’s “Sociology of Cosplay” panel.

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Anime Expo 2012: Yaya Han Interview

In our first video release from Anime Expo 2012, we have an interview with professional cosplayer and costume designer Yaya Han, straight from the Dealer Hall floor. Why does she love cat girls so much? Find out!

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