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Anime Diet on LinkedIn

We’re on LinkedIn now too. Come and follow us.

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What if I had never gotten into anime?

Ray gives a heartfelt confession of what anime, fandom, and God has meant to him over the years. Another entry in the “Diary of an Anime Lived” series.

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My Boyfriend’s a Meek

腐女子彼女(My Girlfriend’s a Geek)?

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3-D must be crazy. Part 2: Eco-romance 0

何も何も小さきものはみなうつくし – 清少納言 (Small is beautiful. – Sei Shonagon)

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Divinity (and poverty) of God only knows

Unrequited love is 1% of lust and 99% of rust. – An otaku in NAFTA

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Mm 03- you cannot knock down this loser!

I know, I know, this is a cheesy plot – Arashiko happens to bump into her abuser from the past and becomes traumatized once more….

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