A Brave New Divergence

I have seen the future, and it is fantastic.

These bounce each time she gives a status report. No joke.

Multicolored hair!  Massive oppai¹!  Quantum everything!  Cool robots!  Just ignore the bizarre displays of objectum sexual² behavior that accompany all these things in Divergence Eve, and we’ll proceed.


This is all easily explained – in the far-flung future, what now appear to be borderline aesthetic tastes³ have become the norm.  A combination of selective pressure and genetic engineering have provided all women with bodies that closely adhere to these aesthetics.  Advances in bioengineering have reduced the impracticality of sporting giant mammary glands, and eliminated the back strain and soreness that accompany them in the modern age.  Since male chauvinism is a thing of the past, women don’t need to fear the penetrating and inherently sexual male gaze – they can go about their duties in skin-tight suits without worrying about their anatomically and physically improbable assets.

Evidently, sports bras will be antiquated in THE FUTURE!

On the surface this is unmistakably puerile, but consider: even in the modern age, with our relatively crude implements for reshaping the body (fire, harsh chemicals, and knives), 90% of women report being dissatisfied with their bodies, and over 60% have considered surgery4.  How many wouldn’t want to undergo much-improved future procedures to become every bit the sexy and confident figure they feel they ought to be?  And yet, with all the women outrageously accentuated in these ways – with great skin, sparkling eyes, oversized busts, and so forth being universal – what criteria would potential mates use to differentiate them?  Why, they’d have to fall back on the non-physical – sense of humor, personal style, common interests, and the like.

Really makes you think, doesn’t it?

These double as an aid to meditation.

Of course Divergence Eve (ダイバージェンス・イヴ) has a plot.  Of course it takes place in its own universe, which has its own physical rules.  Of course its impossible technological jargon is only further obfuscated by translation issues (accidental backflow into the capacitor? Not even possible, according to the laws of thermodynamics.) But these things do not matter.  Gaze upon what may yet be, in the far-flung future.

Behold the focus of this anime.

1 Commonly translated as “Tits,” of “Tits or GTFO” fame.
2 http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/sunday-review/living/i-married-the-eiffel-tower-832519.html
3 or fetishes
4 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/1480597.stm

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