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Nerd Courting at Fanime 2013: The Power of an Insulated Imagination

Sarah went to court nerds. Or, at least, learn about how to do it, from Adam Cullen’s “Nerd Courting” panel at Fanime 2013!

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Losing The Game

This is the most hilarious juxtaposition ever. It’s not Kaicho wa Maid-sama and The Game that I find funny, mind you. It’s anime otaku and…

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B Gata H Kei: the Fifteen Year Old Virgin

Is virginity a character flaw? Traditionally in Japan young girls were assumed to be maidens, to the point where the terms were at times used…

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The Future of Love

Many people look upon those who express love for characters as having “given up” or “retreated from reality.” While it’s true that they have turned…

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Yomeiro Choice – a poor choice

Yomeiro Choice is all about excuses. Sakuraga finds excuses to ditch girls and avoid relationships. His female friends find excuses to spend time with him…

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A Brave New Divergence

I have seen the future, and it is fantastic. Multicolored hair!  Massive oppai¹!  Quantum everything!  Cool robots!  Just ignore the bizarre displays of objectum sexual²…

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