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‘Dickwolves’ cheered at Penny Arcade Expo

Life, it may be said, is lived in fiction. If you got up and went to a job today, odds are that you did it…

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Aku No Hana, final ep, Kasuga should be kimo-ota.

Kasuga should be kimo-ota instead of pervert!

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No sister/nun moe this season? WTF?

Perorist skin, feminist mask. Confession of a feminist mask.

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Upotte: Put ya Guns On

It will come as no surprise to the reader that Upotte objectifies girls.  That is, after all, literally the premise of the show: that girls…

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The Feminism of Prince Zuko

Zuko is the most feminist character in Avatar. Sure, there are a lot of other contenders – a fact which reflects well on the show….

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Viva Moe Day!

萌えの日。Moe Day. October 10th, 2010.

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