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The Paper: I want to open this episode’s discussion by going back to something you mentioned last week. You asked “how come clothing fetishism is widely denounced?” which you actually answered yourself in the preceding sentence! An unhealthy level of such a fetish erases the person wearing said clothing. Would you agree that seems to be the intent of Nakamura-san here?

The beauty of a buruma fetish or any others lies in communication. Nakamura-san is only able to pervert Kasuga due to his failure to confess to Saeki-san. In other words, by discussing fetishes, a perverted act tranforms into one of respect, consent and trust. Not to mention your favorite skinship.


Likewise, a kiss is not a perverted act. In fact, it’s a very natural and healthy desire. Alas, Kasuga fails to see Saeki-san as a lover, a person. She’s a Goddess, an object of worship. And probably a host of other things you will illustrate lovingly below. Because as we all know, you’re pure like driven snow:


MLM: LOL. Nakamura-san would say to me, “I guess kimo-ota like you really has no other way to live but as kimo-ota.

Yes, I think after seeing episode 6, yes, basically agree with The Paper‘s proposal, it seems to me that Nakamura-san’s intention is to bring down Kasuga’s goddess figure, telling Kasuga that Saiki wants to have sex with him. But I didn’t know Kasuga was such shojo-chuu (virgin-mania) that he thought Saeki never thinks about sex. That Saeki is not a sexual being. That is the first time I knew he was a virgin worshiper. What kind of shunamitism is that? I mean, isn’t sex the purpose of dating? To get laid? Is romance without sex possible? He wants to have “Platonic relationship,” but I think Kasuga should read Platonic Sex instead of Flower Of Evil. Platonic Sex was a novel written by Ai Iijima, the most famous ex-porn actress from Japan.


I really can’t picture myself that the fact that a dream girl wants to have sex is shocking to him. I mean most guys would think that would be a paradise. A girl wants your body, how awesome is that? She fancies you! How envious. How riajuu he is! There is nothing more awesome than that, but that is shocking to him. I don’t get it. He never watched porn before? While only 2D girls, such as Love Plus girls, tell me that they want me, otaku life…(sigh)

Why does his ideal woman have to be virgin without libido? Holiness? So, sexual desire is evil? But isn’t love motivated by libido? Without libido, how can you get attracted to girls? Saeki obviously wants him, but he denies Saeki’s libido. And he also denies his own libido, despite his crime, kunka kunka buruma without Saeki’s consent. That’s like saying I want her but I don’t want her.


Libido is holy and sacred, so fetishism is holy. The object of libido is holy, so sexual Saeki is the Goddess, thus, her buruma is holy, which indeed brought a miracle to Kasuga, that he can now date his ideal girl! So, magic actually worked. It’s more magical than a maid addressing you as Master. And I must admit that Saeki with buruma on is just amazing. I can eat three bowls of steamed rice with that! So, I would say if you want to date your dream girl, get her buruma, if impossible, then her jersey (school tracksuit)!

Yes, jersey is also irresistible. I remember during our school trip to Kyoto, girls were wearing jerseys, and these protruding oppai were guys’ night talk at hotel. Oh yes, Kana-chan’s jersey, that’s what I want! A legal way to get indirect skinship is just ask her, “Can I borrow your jersey for a moment? I forgot to bring mine today.” That’s how you wear your crush’s jersey, achieving oneness with her indirectly, inhaling sweet smell of her perfume by taking deep breath. Then, you can say, “I’ll wash it and give it back to you tomorrow.” Then, you can bring it home without any problem. So, jersey would be a great alternative. Yes, jersey fetish, more viable than buruma fetish! “Can I borrow your buruma?” would freak a girl out, so jersey is more acceptable, so you don’t need to steal, don’t need to suffer from a guilty conscience. Also, no space for Nakamura to enslave you! Oh yes, feminazis already abolished buruma from Japanese schools, so there wouldn’t be any Nakamura-san in Japan.

Persona moment.

Yes, discussing fetishes would lead to accept pervertedness, or maybe not, depends on how strict a society is, especially here is rampant with religious fundamentalism. That prevents people from talking about it. Merely asking “What kind of fetish do you have?” would get us into trouble, we would get punished for that. I hope people will be more open to paraphilia and sexual orientations. This ongoing argument at the Supreme Court is part of that. If gay rights people win this case, then a society will become more tolerant on paraphilia, eventually a buruma fetish will be acceptable, and Kasuga can smell Saeki’s buruma all day long as he pleases, not to be afraid of being exposed as a buruma fetish, but be able to be proud of his own sexuality. We don’t need to be underground Mahou-Tsukai (magician), hidden from public in the catacombe to perform magic on buruma for our stairway to heaven. Oh yes, we no longer have buruma in the first place, so I’ll say revive buruma! Sukumizu, jersey, buruma or shimapan, fetishism is a human right!



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  1. a minority of 1% (namely asexuals) will tell you that romance isn’t about sex, but yes, like, what on earth? do you date just to admire? you can do it from apart…

    fetishes will be hard to discuss even in open societies, because really I wouldn’t like to know a friend of mine likes eating shit – literally. or that (s)he fantasizes of little children even though this person wouldn’t act upon the fantasy. it’s what we say ‘too much information’

    1. That’s what Kasuga thinks so, romance is totally separated from sex, that Saeki is asexual, and Nakamura told her Saeki wasn’t actually asexual, and destroyed his ideal. I don’t know how Kasuga got the idea that asexual is holy. He’s not looking for a virgin, but a virgin without libido. To me, libido is sacred, and the holiest libido is lesbianism, especially all girls Catholic school, like Marimite. (Linda would say the holiest libido is yaoi)

      I don’t mind people telling me that they are scat. Just discussing fetish is okay to me. Plus, lolicon and shotacon are widely accepted in the otaku community. The problem is that girls’ fetishism in general aren’t discussed openly, thus I never heard of a hand fetish before until I googled girls’ fetishism just recently. And I can’t verify if it’s true, because society is not open to discuss. So, I appreciate your input and also Linda’s as well, and I’m grateful to Anime Diet for giving me this chance.

      I don’t know why sexuality is so suppressed in America. You tell you’re gay, then expelled from military, or bullied at school or alienated at work and from neighborhood. Fetishism is also currently “Don’t ask don’t tell.” It’s too puritanical, this “holy” America. Worse is Japan, no skinship at all, other than being lovers, there is no opportunity to touch the opposite sex. So, fetishism as contagious magic or indirect skinship becomes rampant in Japan. I never heard American game makers produced any dating sim, I think that’s all produced by Japan. So, the problem is not too much info, but too little info, or no info at all. No info of Saeki is the problem of Kasuga. He gets shocked when he learns that Saeki wants his body.

      Scat has long history as part of Japan’s creation mythology, in fact, soybean is the food goddess’ excrement. Miso, soy source, tofu, the fundamental Japanese food is made of soy bean. This is how the story goes,

      The storm god was expelled from his community because he was a delinquent, then he suffered from hunger (no 7-11 or McDee, so the capital punishment was exile at that time). So, he begged food from the food goddess in another community. And, she tried to feed him with her feces, but this freaked him out and he instantly killed her with a sword by reflex. Then, soybean came out from her rectum, rice from eyes, red beans from nose, millet from ears, barley from vagina. That’s how we got “5 cereals” of Japan. Probably the food goddess was a prostitute specialized in scat and other paraphilia. So, we can say we are all scatman, so I guess that’s why my level of abjection is little lower.

      Christ is a food god in a way, the vine tree, wine as his blood and bread as his body. And he was killed too. But the same idea here, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” We got 5 cereals by the death of the goddess.

      I wish girls told me they were hand fetish, but they toyed with my hands without my consent, or my understanding. I needed informed consent. But that was back in my college years…if only society was more open to fetishism back then…”make miso soup for me every day.”

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