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One might be forgiven for thinking that Moritheil is a postmodern literary critic who started reviewing video games in 2001, and spent the early 2000s learning at the right hand of con staff and fansubbers. However, those rumors are spurious: Moritheil is actually a distant relative of Genghis Khan who stands poised to conquer the world via the Internet. Follow along at
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Et tu, Gazef?

Et tu, Gazef? Perhaps the crowning shame of the latest season of Overlord is the removal of Gazef Stronoff, a man’s man, from the board….

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Yoshiki Concert: Otakon 2014

Our review of Yoshiki’s performance at Otakon 2014. Includes extensive photography.

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ALTIMA Concert Otakon 2014

Six hours ago, ALTIMA made a daring promise. The Japanese pop trio, responding to a question of whether they would ever cover a Run DMC…

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ALTIMA Press Conference Transcript: Otakon 2014

ALTIMA are a digital J-pop group widely known for making the Shakugan no Shana ED. They are: Maon Kurosaki – vocals – a self-described anime…

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Katsucon 2014 – Lolita Dark Concert

Moritheil and Shizuka went to the live concert of Lolita Dark at this year’s Katsucon 2014. Here’s their report as well as photos!

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Attack of Common Sense

Philosophically, there’s really not a lot going on with Shingeki no Kyojin. Power corrupts; power is inhuman; the strong eat the weak. Anyone who has…

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