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Aku No Hana, buruma fetish, indirect skinship.


Oh Yes! This manga-ka is a genuius. Even Urobuchi can’t come up with this creative idea.. How can he come up with that incredible idea? That you wear bloomers of the girl you are about to go on a date. And she doesn’t know about it! Continue reading Aku No Hana, buruma fetish, indirect skinship.

Uraboku & Kansetsu-kisu

I have been watching Uraboku. I have to admit that I…I’m…hooked. Hamacchatta~. But I’m not gay, no way. Yes, I’m in a state of self-denial, but you can’t hide your head in the sand forever. So, I hereby came to have made a tough decision to come out.

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A Brave New Divergence

I have seen the future, and it is fantastic.

These bounce each time she gives a status report. No joke.

Multicolored hair!  Massive oppai¹!  Quantum everything!  Cool robots!  Just ignore the bizarre displays of objectum sexual² behavior that accompany all these things in Divergence Eve, and we’ll proceed.


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On Kannagi and Virginity

For those of you who missed it, there was a big to-do at the close of 2008 over the fact that Nagi of Kannagi might not be “pure.”

Not a vampire.

It’s fascinating to me how so much of the international anime community took the Western perspective and applied it as if it ought to be universal.  Sankaku Complex was flooded with hate in the stories it ran. Darkmirage’s popular take on the subject garnered forty comments and not one mentioned how cultural expectations of women are different in Japan vs. in the West. There was not one reference to Yamamoto Nadeshiko, that ideal of self-sacrificing femininity that was inculcated in the Japanese in WWII and whose specter still discourages modern Japanese women from marrying.

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