A Valentine’s Gift from Skullgirls

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and the nice people over at Autumn Games and Reverge Labs have sent over a special treat for all you Anime Dieters eagerly anticipating the release of their fighting opus, Skullgirls …

Here comes a new challenger!

Valentine is the newest character revealed for Skullgirls.  She’s a deadly ninja nurse, and the lone survivor of a group of Anti-Skullgirl lab operatives.  However, don’t let her benevolent nurse appearance fool you.  Valentine has switched sides and now serves the Skullgirl willingly, carrying out her master’s duties and striking at her foes from the shadows.  Not much is known about this secretive fighter, only that she is as deadly as she is beautiful.

A long rumored character that has now officially been added to the roster for this highly anticipated game, Valentine is sure to become a fan favorite in this epic 2D fighter.   How many more characters will we see before the official release later this year?

Skullgirls releases early 2012 for PS3 and XBOX360.

You can find more news, sneak peeks, and exciting announcements at the official Skullgirls and Reverge Labs websites.

Publisher: Autumn Games
Studio: Reverge Labs
Genre: 2D Fighting

Author: ElectricV01

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