AnoNatsu, overjoyed, the divinest of all!

Over time, I’ve been building my castle of love Just for two. – Stevie Wonder

OMG, epi 6. The OP and ED are just kami (divine). Are there any other words to describe these kami anisons? I can’t find any. Totally invokes saudade, or in Gendomike’s word, sehnsucht. These songs are even diviner than Stevie Wonder’s.

So, this is how the unrequited love diagram looked like when the show just started!

Brown hair naked girl → Blue hair megane ikemen → Blue hair girl → Blue hair megane boy → Red hair oppai megane senpai.

Yes! And then, the Okinawa episode, aka, the swimsuit episode! How I wish I could go to Okinawa… The advent of osana-najimi (childhood friends) makes it so complicated! This romantic comedy is even funnier than the New Wave romantic comedy master, Eric Rohmer!

Now, the diagram has totally shuffled.

Brown hair naked girl → Blue hair megane ikemen ← Short hair nympho

Red hair oppai megane senpai → Blue hair megane boy ← Osana-najimi

Divine! Heavenly dilemma! Love triangle! But where did blue hair girl go? She’s out of game, I guess. Did everybody forget about her? So, I conclude with this axiom, romantic comedy = divine comedy.


Anyway, brown hair girl to blue hair ikemen. Yes, Overjoyed! She’s been building her castle of love. Her prince in the castle. Totally Stevie Wonder’s weltanschauung. Stevie must be proud of this anime!

Here comes the nympho!

And brown hair girl takes him back from the nympho.

Ahh, love triangle. Osana-najimi vs. oppai senpai!

Oh my Gosh. AHHHH! Tears! Ohhhhhh!!!!! “You don’t love me no more?” Ahhh, of course I do love you. I totally love you! Your tears have totally made me switch to you! Sorry, oppai senpai! My honmei was you, senpai, until my osana-najimil cried in front of me with full of tears! Gosh, I’m so torn!

And yet, just before the action, Senpai breaks in! Just in time! Tony Bennett would be proud of this anime! And then, the episode ended. Quit that cliffhanger! Shoot, I really want to watch the next episode!

Ahh, so divine! It’s so divine that makes me orgasmic in a spiritual way! The pores all over my body opened up!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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