Dragonball Z: Burst Limit (Xbox 360) — DBZ Fanboys rejoice (fighting game fans smile)

Fan of DBZ? Check. Fighting game? Check. Playable? Check.

If you are a fan of DBZ, then you will enjoy this game. There are the familiar characters from the Saiyan saga through the Cell Saga. Brolly and Bardock make appearances as well. The story mode is enjoyable in that you play as the character that should win the fight. So you switch between the villains and the heroes, reliving the show without the problem of a player winning only to lose during the cut scene. Cut scenes abound as the medium that moves the story and keeps the fights true to the show. During the fights, the player may activate certain drama scenes that show a little cut scene relating to the fight.

The player has the advantage against the CPU in most of the fights, but the game can come right back and hand it to the player. Some characters are not played enough while others are played for too many fights. But this is still an enjoyable experience. The one thing a player will grow to hate is the loading screen before each fight. It is the same scene of bowling with dragon balls in the same pattern. I still curse it to this day.

The controls are rather basic for basic moves. A novice player can jump right in and enjoy the game. A more experienced player will pull off some amazing moves with dramatic flair. The combos are easy to learn and the game has a tutorial that will let players know how to take full advantage of the game. After stomping on the computer, hop online and get on Xbox Live to compete against other players.

For the fans of the show (and former fans like me), this game is an enjoyable blast of DBZ. The characters are fun to play and the game is very playable (aside from an annoying loading screen and the reuse of cut scenes). I give this game 18 bananas. Since no one knows what 18 bananas means, I will convert it to a scale using 10 being the best and 0 being awful. It gets an:


B if we are handing out grades.

Thanks to Atari for giving us a review copy of this game.

Author: matt