Moe Day! October 10th, celebrating with Megurine Luka.


Happy Moe Day! In kanji, Tenth (十日) + October (十月) = Moe (萌). So, here I present a song featuring Megurine Luka.

So basically, I redid a Black Day song, I peropero 2D Girls, with Luka on vocal. I originally wrote this song for Luka, but didn’t have her at that time. But finally I got her now. Yes, her voice (CV: Yuu Asakawa, a bimajo of the seiyuu world) is perfect for bossa nova, my style!

From now on, I can record songs without my crappy voice. Yes, female voice has always been my dream. I wish I had that voice but I was born male unfortunately. And I don’t have any 3D girl to sing my songs either since otaku songs are “perverted” in the eyes of general folks, ippanjin, so yes, this proves my point that 2D girls such as Luka are better than 3D girls! She’s a manna for hentai-shinshi (perverted gentleman)!

And the good thing about Luka is she can sing in English. Still, some pronunciations aren’t as clear as Japanese though, and it also makes me re-realize how complicated the language English is. Too many consonants and vowels for the vocaloid to utter sounds clearly, which makes it extremely difficult to program. How come this obnoxious idioma idiota has become a world language? F@cking imperialism. Colonialism’s sin is still intact, but I got no choice but to deal with it. Maybe there’s a trick to make pronunciations clear, but still haven’t found yet. So, I put the lyrics below, since some words aren’t clear enough.

Anyway, this is the first attempt, yes, for the very first time~♪ I was once a vocaloid virgin, but today, I hereby declare that I lost my virginity to Luka! And I thought Moe Day was the perfect day!

“Peropero” is a licking sound in Japanese, which basically has replaced “moe moe kyun.” So, now today can be Peropero Day. I have a moe on 2D girls = I peropero 2D girls! So there you go!

I Peropero 2D Girls

All I want is kiss, for Paradise Regained
So I snuck the drink she had, *Dokupe’s Lonely Hearts
Indirectly I had skinship with her

But she caught my sin, and she grabbed her phone
She said, “Noli Me Tangere (Don’t you get near me). Or I will call the cops!”
Won’t she ever get I was in love with her?

Those 廃人(drug addicts) have found LSD
But we the 2D girl addicts are gonna find true love in 2D
We’re gonna build our own harem of loli, tsundere, twin tail
But you see, all I taste is just LCD

So I peropero twin tail
Peropero tsundere
Peropero yandere
Loli/yojo peropero
Peropero peropero
But taste of my tears mixed with LCD

*Dokupe – An abbreviation of “Dr. Pepper” in Japanese.


Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

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