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Interview: Kumiko Murayama, IA Producer

Gendomike talked to 1st PLACE head and producer, Kumiko Murayama, about their latest hit Vocaloid IA. We asked questions about Lia’s involvement, the future of pop music and Vocaloids, and just what has made IA so popular in recent years.

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Concert Review: IA and Wagakki Band @ AX 2015

Gendomike went to see a live Vocaloid (IA) concert, followed by a performance by traditio-metal band Wagakki Band. Here are his thoughts on the two unique concerts at Anime Expo!

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My PMX 2012 experience

My sexy music experience at PMX2012, but didn’t wet my pants though…

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Moe Day! October 10th, celebrating with Megurine Luka.

萌えの日。Moe Day! October 10th! Touched by Luka for the very first time.

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AX Vocaloid Panel, F@ck you Japanese government!

Vocaloid Ps, from “Fuck you, Japanese government” to “Male Deflowerment.”

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Exposition: Anime Expo 2012, Day 2

The second day of AX 2012 was the most packed one for gendomike. A full account of the Vocaloid panel, LiSA fan panel, Yaya Han, and the Kajiura/FictionJunction concert.

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