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Technically this is The Paper’s weekly column that I am hijaking on a Thursday.. but yes… this is manga news I found of interest that would be well for an fyi/heads up for manga readers. I am sure Tp would have more interesting bits for tomorrow as I email him links that I normally would see on my run… 

Ouran High School Host Club may have ended, but Bisco Hatori resumes Milleniuum Snow.. and that’s a series Shojo Beat localized two volumes of.. so this is exciting news for Shojo fans, since the premises volume 2 left on was a cliffy, when I read the book a couple of years ago. 

Milk Morinaga author of Girlfriends is going to be localized and in print with a new anthology collection: Kisses, Sighs, and Cherry Blossom Pink: The Complete Collection. I can’t stop but recommend Girlfriends more than I have in person… that’s on a drafting pile of personal revies I would write sooner I hope. Sooo for those who like to sample quick one shot bites of yuri, but deal with coming of age issues, can sample reading an anthology. It is going to be release as an omnibus print edition in June 2013.  Currently Girlfriends is going to be avaliable in print with two omnibus editions along with being available over at has been satisfying for me this week in terms of what titles a, b, are coming out from them. Still wishing about about a mobile option soon to read my existing library. Contemplating about Jmanga7, but not really feeling it.

Over at ALC publishing, Erica Friedman offers yuri readers a chance to read Tokyo Love~ the Rica ‘tte Kanji!? for free.

Fantagraphics Books is going to publish The Heart of Thomas, by Moto Hagio this upcoming December. Read and be involve in the world of school boys and growing up with this veteran shoujo mangaka. Pre-ordering is now avaliable.

Noah Berlatsky rounds up his blog anniversity celebration with various contributors talking about elements of manga or comics that they hated or disliked over at the Hooded Utilitarian.  

Just a sneak peek, but I would be getting the opportunity to interview Nagumo,  Gen manga’s guest at this upcoming NYCC weekend.

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