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This is a translation of M. LaMoe’s earlier Japanese article. –Mike

Ah, Yumina-oneechan! Ah, how wonderful! How pure and beautiful, graceful, modest, gentle, refined, sweet, humble, with honest poverty, a saint with kindly words, smile, and full of affection! 和顔愛語(The proverb: Kind facial expression, kindly words), she is the embodiment of it. A holy girl of the holy path is picking up a T-shirt of Bosozoku(motorcycle gangsters) who are on the evil path. What fashion sense! Yumina-oneechan, full of humor. LOL.

The Japanese language is dead nowadays, and its phonographs were Chinese character, which are now ideograms. And those are the hierographs of Yumina-oneechan’s religion. Just like Catholics use Latin, Buddhists use Sanskrit. And “Yoroshiku(best regards)” is written in Chinese character phonetically, “夜露死苦(Night, dew, death, pain)”. It’s surprising that these kind of ideograms are still alive, even though they are regarded by some as “sacred letters.”

Ah, Yumina-onechan ! Ahhhhhh, she is the nanny of an orphanage. She is like Lady Mary looking after the Lillian Girls’ Academy. She is a sister (nun), big sister, and kannagi (shaman).  Yes, she is a miko (female shaman)–a sister and miko combined. Sisu-miko? That is like a combination of a Shinto shrine and a Christian church. Her religion seems to be a combination of Shinto and Christianity. And, she takes care of war orphans at her shrine-church. By that she guides children. It is like leading lost lambs to the right path. And children yearn after Sister Yumina by calling her “Yumina Oneechan!

Yumina-oneechan puts children to sleep for siesta. Ah, I want her to put me to sleep. Lullaby on her lap! That is the greatest siesta!
She primps children’s clothes for their first mass. I want her to primp my clothes also!
She always smiles at children.

Yes, Yumina-tan is a shepherd to us lost lambs. A person who guides us. That reminds us of a bishojo who is an idyllic shepherd. Yes, like paintings from the Barbizon school, a peaceful, sweet scenery of French countryside, of which an idyllic girl, like Nora-chan from “Spice And Wolf.” She kindly calls a lamb like me, “Come here!” And I attain tranquility by hearing her voice.

“She truly cares about me! There is a person who really cares about me!”

Therefore, Nora-chan is Iyashi-kei, Yasuragi-kei! Just the same, Yumina-oneechan is also Iyashi-kei! She is the best Onee-chan. She even surpasses Kikuko Inoue who calls herself “Onee-chan.”

The word “pastor” meant “shepherd” in old French. Therefore, Yumina-oneechan is also a pastor. And she is a shepherd-like sister of an idyllic church. Moreover, her costume is a combination of a habit and miko-fuku. In other words, a synthesis of miko-moé and sister-moé, which is the ultimate form of moé! Moé on a holy woman: the supreme incomparable Moé! Ultimate Ane-moé(big sister moé)! That’s why Nagi-chan of “Kannagi” is a shaman and Nagi’s little sister, Zange-chan, is a sister(nun). In other words, the sisters of Miko and Sister, and that combination is indeed Yumina-tan! Thus, Yumina-chan is Jina(winner, victor)–yes, she is the Goddess of Victory. Yumina-tan, Banzai!

Yumina-chan is a holy woman who gives us peace and equanimity. I want to be taken care of like these orphans! Otaku are like social orphans. We are utterly lonely, estranged, and forsaken by the world: mayoeru kohitsuji (a straying lamb). So, I want her to eradicate my delusion. That’s why I become desperate, pleading, “Please treat me kindly!” This dog-eat-dog law of the jungle, a market fundamentalist society where wolves roam, and where the fire of war never stops, the torrent of the sea of the burning flame: that is the den of thieves. Jesus of Nazareth drove off these thieves from the temple. And Yumina-chan is the holy girl of this temple, who protects us from these brutal, ferocious, atrocious wolves. And then we shall become Jina (winner) by getting equanimity from Sister Yumina. The attainment of peace and tranquility is what victory is all about!

That is why a sister is a Jina. The victor of the path. “This way, my dear.” She leads a lamb like me in the path of righteousness. And a shepherd is also Vira (hero, brave person). And she defeats the pigs that are cornering us and torturing us daily. She chases down the pigs from the cliff. And we become the winner. Yes, the shepherd leads us to the path of victory!

I have a disease in my heart. This real world is darkness. Indeed, the light doesn’t exist. No light (avidya). Hell is where there is no light. That’s why I need the light. And that light is Yumina-chan! Just like Yumina-chan treated Kanata-chan, I want her to cure me. I want to drink the herbal tea she prescribed for Kanata-chan! That way, I will be healthy, and become immortal! That is Amrita(nectar), i.e., the state of immortality! That is the victory!

Yumina-oneechan visits Kanata who has fallen ill and takes care of her. I also want her to take care of me!
She helps Kanata-chan drink the herbal tea she made.

Ah, sister is “sœur” in French. It is a nun! Sister Yumina. At any rate, her costume is a unification of a habit and miko-fuku. Let’s call it “Sisu-miko-fuku.” How do we like that! Miko is a being that goes into trance by being possessed by god, indeed becoming one with god. Yes, a being that becomes one with Brahma. That is to say “aham brahmāsmi.(I am Brahma)” And since Brahma and Moé is the same, Miko is a being of “aham Moe ‘smi.(I am Moé)” And such an incompetent idiot like me dares to have Moé on her, and become one with her, which is “aham Yumināsmi.(I am Yumina)” That is why Sisu-miko is a Moekko(moe girl), the divine light of moé, the champion of the shining Moé, a merciful person who removes our sufferings and gives us tranquility, Maitri-Karuna.

And Yumina-oneechan’s religion, that is the path to Yaorozu-no-kami(8 million gods),  Brahmāyāna(the path to Brahma), and that is exactly Shintoism(the path of gods). And Brahma is moé, therefore, becoming one with Moé is the path to moé. That’s why Yumina-oneechan does liturgy every morning, and that is indeed very Gayatri Mantra. Attaining the light of god, and by that becoming one with the light of Moé, or the light of divine grace. Receiving the glory of God, and becoming one with Moé. That is the path of Moé.(moé-dou).

Yumina-oneechan prays every morning.

And, this is the scene where the light of grace actualized the most! Mishio-chan, a war orphan, asks Yumina-oneechan to braid her hair with tonbo-dama(dragonfly balls). That scene is overwhelmingly moving and beautiful!

Ah, Yumina-oneechan with tombo-dama in her mouth is just cute. She looks very kind…

Ah, how pure her smile is. And her transparent look. My heart becomes purer and purer. My heart becomes clean and clear.

And she embraces Mishio-chan with full of love. I want to get her hug from behind too! There is no wonderful person like her in the world!

Ah, what a wonderful scenery! The sunlight enters from the window, and as if it is blessing Mishio-chan. Amaterasu, who illuminates throughout the heaven. Savitri. Vairocana. Maitreya. The light of mercy. Amitaba. Guan Yin. Lady Mary! My tears flowed when I saw this scene. I was overwhelmingly touched. She is exceedingly saintly. Yeah, it assured me that war is wrong after all. War makes children lose their family and become orphans. Yumina-oneechan gives grace to these children. Yes, she is providing children with peace!

This can relate to Shinran’s “大悲無倦常照我”, which means, “The great mercy never abandons me but illuminates me constantly.” They can relate to Psalm 23, the Song of David. “(Since the Lord, my shepherd, is with me), surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” And the Shepherd gives us serenity in green pastures beside the still waters. And the shepherd leads me in the paths of righteousness (the path of victory.) The house of the shepherd, which is Yumina-oneechan’s church, is a refuge from the torrent of the flame. Therefore, if she’s with me, there’s nothing to fear. Because she protects me from the wolves. And the light of her divine grace will drive off the darkness that are my anxiety and delusion, and that had made me able to see. That is the grace!

Grace, that is “χαρις” in Greek, “gratia” in Latin. Yes, “Amazing Grace!” Yes, “overflowing grace,” that is “gratia plena” from “Ave Maria.” Ogasawara Sachiko-sama became one with the divine light of grace illuminating from the stained glasses when she was playing “Ave Maria” with the organ. That is “Brahmāsmi.” And “charisma” is a form of neutral nominalization of “χαρις.” Therefore, Yumina-oneechan is a charismatic person, she is a divine gift, divine grace. In other words, charisma is Moé! And that realizes “María de las Mercedes (Mary of the Mercy). That’s why Yumina-oneechan is Mary the Mercy. And she is “La Reina de los Angeles.” The city Los Angeles was named after this. On the other hand, “María de los Dolores (Mary of the Sorrows)” is another title of Virgin Mary. And this becomes Lolita later, and develops into French Lolita, and evolves into Gothic-Lolita in Japan, and appears in “Rosen maiden.” Zange-chan is Lolita-type, you can tell from her mini-skirt of the habit. Yet, Yumina-oneechan is completely Mary the Mercy. Anyway, the English names such as “Dorothy” and “Theodore” mean “divine gift.” And “Devadatta” in Pali language is also “divine gift.” So, all are “divine gift,” that is “amazing grace!”

Yes, Yumina-oneechan herself is divine grace! Wonderful grace! And grace is Moé. Amazing Moé! Ah, how sweet the sound. The voice of Yumina-oneechan, by which I the lost lamb will be found, liberates me from a dire situation, and she leads me to victory. Yes, she is the Goddess of victory! Otaku have been looked down on in the society. They have been despised like “subhuman, good for nothing useless, losers of society, dregs who don’t deserve to live.”  We have received cruel inhumane treatments. How grievous we have become! However, Yumina-chan will drop tears for a wretched people like Otaku. A wretched like me! That’s why I really need Onee-chan! She might be the one I have been long looking for, and found at last. Ah, Yumina-oneechan! Please take pity on me! Comfort me! Oneechan, help me, save me! Yumina-oneechan! That is 姉萌え(Ane-moé)!

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