Mahō-shōjo to bimajo (hot witch), new genre

Mahō-shōjo (魔法少女) is puella magi. And majo (魔女) is a witch. According to Kyubey, a maho-shojo inevitably turns into a majo as her final destination. That is the curse. Yes, majo is witch, evil woman, demonic woman, that tries to annihilate the world. So, they need to be destroyed. Yes, once they get old, no more shōjo, they become undesirable.

Old = ugly + useless + unproductive + unreproductive + unscrupulous.

This equation holds true to an extend that they are so many derogatory terms for old women, obatarian (monstrous old lady), obasan (old miss), babā (old hag), especially for those ill-mannered ones who lost womanhood, which is also parodied in Humanity Has Declined. Even the Tokyo Gov. Ishihara said, “ババアは不要。Babās are undesirable.”

In old time Japan, old women were dumped at oba-sute-yama (old women disposable mountain, i.e., landfill of old hags), which was evident in Narayama-Bushikou.  There wasn’t elderly care like today, no socialism or welfare to take care of them. So, aging was a death sentence to women.

But now, arafō (around 40 years old women) are getting fashionable and beautiful. They are called bimajo (美魔女). Yes, bi (beautiful) + majo (witch) = bimajo. So yes, instead of puella magi turning into something repulsive, puella magi to hot witch. That is the proof of Madoka’s salvation. She has changed the fate of mahō-shōjo.

I’m afraid that Himiko, the oldest recorded shaman queen in Japan, became a majo if what Kyubey said is true. But I think she was later saved by Madoka. Yes, my interpretation is that Madoka made her from a majo to a bimajo.

Yes, jukujo (熟女 “fully ripened woman”). And the jukujo of the jukujos is bimajo. Nowadays, a lot of young guys want to get laid with jukujos. But, for me, the ideal age of women is 17 years old, since I’m also 17 at heart. But, skin-wise, the early 20 is the best, yes, like Chichino, I mean Hibino from Kamisama Dolls, her white peach skin, the horniest skin I’ve ever been attracted to.

In Japan, there is National Bimajo Contest held every year. And the winner last year was Yamada Yoshiko. And alas, she is now 46 years old this year. Forty six! Unbelievable! Check for yourself!

I can’t believe she’s already in her mid 40s. And she is also the winner of suppin (face with no makeup). One thing that old women can never do is show their suppin in public, but Ms. Yamada confidently shows her raw face to TV camera! Just incredible. Maybe she’s done plastic surgery, but still the result is miraculous. Her plastic surgeon must be Black Jack. Or Madoka made her from just a majo to the exquisite bimajo.

Yes, there is an anime, Okusama Wa Mahō-shōjo. (奥様は魔法少女 “Wife is a puella magi”). Inoue Kikuko plays the main character, but she is 27 years old, the age far younger from bimajo. They should make an anime about bimajo. Yes, Okusama Wa Bimajo. (奥様は美魔女 “Wife is a bimajo”). Just like Puella Magi Madoka Magica reshuffled the entire puella magi genre, this will be the breakthrough. So, we demand the creation of a new genre: Bimajo genre!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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    1. Awesome! American Pie! Martin Luther also said, “wine, women, and music.” I think AV has this genre (not as bimajo, but jukujo), but not in anime yet…

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