Code Geass R2, Episode 9–“Down There”

Crazy ass Zero (and Nina)!

This episode starts off as one might expect: Kallen and Zero have their first meeting. This Zero hit rock bottom, and it ends up with Kallen almost laying on top of Zero as they talk. The sexual energy is really flying between the two of them! Finally Kallen has her symbol of freedom back, and so they now get to build on their newfound energy. All this, of course, is interrupted by C. C. hitting pizza. (The best part was when C.C. asks for Tabasco.)

Now we all know that they want to bone like rabbits, they are going to keep getting into awkward positions with each other from now on.

Zero’s plan of trying to get everyone back together at the Ashford Academy is ruined. Yeah, everyone could see that Nina was crazy and they could not all be happy at Ashford again. The goal the Zero used to replace the one of creating a perfect world is now destroyed. Zero cannot turn back the hands of time.

Zero also goes apeshit crazy this time. One line I did not predict Zero crossing was his pointing a gun at the head of a child. Now I knew he was a dick, but that really crossed a line for him. Of course, in the end he will let her go and she will be better off, but It is not very nice for him to betray some important allies for expediency. He even gets that look in his eye that means craziness is going to be going down.

Overall, this was an ok episode. Nothing really shone or was all that interesting. Zero is just pissing off everyone in the world, and eunuchs don’t have anything down there.

Author: matt

2 thoughts on “Code Geass R2, Episode 9–“Down There”

  1. I laughed when C.C. questioned the whereabouts of the Tabasco sauce. Do Japanese people even use Tabasco? (Even at Pizza Hut?)

    Lulu’s already got an impressive harem. But obviously he’s not satisfied and has to kidnap another loli.

    This whole episode made me laugh so much. From lolicon Xing Ke, Nina going insane, Lulu maniacal laugh. Kaguya’s schooling of Suzaku. Good times.

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