Sakamichi No Apollon 4: Hitomebore (love@1st sight), but not for me…

Who does not love “Wine Woman & Song” will be a fool for his lifelong! – Martin Luther

Overall, the episode was very good. Sentarou’s back story was moving. And that rosario exchange was so powerful. In Marimite, rosario is also a powerful symbol! I want to receive a rosario from Ogasarawa Sachiko-sama!

And a KKK guy throwing a racist ruckus at a bar. Yeah, that was even before Loving v. Virginia. What would he be thinking today witnessing the first black President of the United States? Clearly, that election was a victory over racism. But what made this episode superb was of course Jun‘s smooth vocal!

Fall in love.

Oh yeah, gendomike and I talked about whether piano or guitar would get a girl. But we confirmed that none of them worked. But trumpet does! And vocal does! Yes, like Satchmo, Jun plays trumpet and sings! And Yurika, ahh, Sentarou’s crush, she falls in love with Jun! Hitomebore (Love at first sight)! OMG, to Sentarou, this is totally a NTR moment. Things got really complicated. Now, the chart of unrequited love looks like this!

Sakamichi No Apollon: Kaoru (nerd megane) → Ricchan (down to earth Christian [of course Catholic!] girl) → Sentarou (DQN) → Yurika (beautiful senpai/ojosama) → Jun (cool ikemen trumpet player/singer).

Ahh, making a girl fall in love by my music. That’s what I’ve been yearning for. In fact, my whole life was summarized into pursuit of that!

Girls are notorious for not falling in love so easily by default. How come they have evolved like that! How come God created women like that… That is so not right. If women fall in love as easy as I do, I wouldn’t have suffered this much, and I would never have become an otaku! And an ojo-type like Yurika is the hardest one to sweep off her feet. Yeah, she’s indeed a naginata girl. Very ojo-type. Ah, her hakama is so cool…, fu, fumaretai…

That’s why I’ve been learning the art of guitar, especially bossa nova, to make them fall in love with me instantly. Yes, to me, bossa nova is a magic. But, I’m not a magician, since I’ve failed to impress any girls like Derren Brown. More saudade, so ironically more qualified to be a bossanovista!

Yes, I remember I used to go to open mics, where they held poetry reading and music performance. A lot of self-claimed long-haired singer-songwriters were there, and I was one of them. And there were always pretty girls among the audience, drinking coffee or tea, biting donuts. At a bar, drinking champagne and wine. And that was the main reason I was at open mics. And of course cute baristas and bartenders too, and my favorite one was a Latina. Whenever I played guitar and sang bossa, I always had her in my mind, occasionally glancing at her, just to check if she was impressed by my performance.

Failed to impress these ladies. But at least I tried.

Yes, just like in Dostoyevsky’s Demons, Captain Lebyadkin is always looking for an opportunity to show off his poems to a girl he’s crazy about. But when a girl is dismissive, he laments, “I’m supposed to be the greatest poet ever since Ivan Krylov, but how come I’m still living in a hut? Russia’s fate is cursed, because Russia doesn’t recognize my masterpiece!” Yes, just like the Captain, I failed to impress any of them. I tried to have conversation afterwards, but none of them seemed interested. And that barista girl…, she merely treated me like just one of the customers instead of a new-born superstar. And some of them even went home before I started playing. It was so shocking. Then, I got bitter like, “I’m supposed to be the greatest singer-songwriter ever since John Lennon. But how come I’m still collecting welfare checks? America is cursed, because America doesn’t give a damn about my talent!” Then, I eventually stopped going to open mics. Open mics were not for me. When I was in Japan, I screamed, “Japan is cursed because Japan doesn’t give a damn about my talent.” Then, I eventually moved to the states. Japan was not for me.

Oh, yes, this world is so desafinado (out of tune). I want to change the world that is so cruel to me. I want to change America that’s so mean to me. Because the current America is not for me. Yes, change 3D. 3D = reality = global capitalism. That’s why I’ve been to numerous demonstrations. The most recent one is the May Day march. And Totoro was recruited for the march. Yes, to protest capitalism since America is a capitalist nation. To protest against the Capitalist Dog, Shiba Inuko-san! Oh, yes, a protest is another kind of self-expression. As an artist and musician, I express, thus practice the First Amendment, yay!

Ahhh, but Jun… How envious… He did what I failed to do! It’s like my dream came true! All I wanted was Susan Boyle moment! All these years of my whole life have been wrong. Why didn’t I learn trumpet, or a jazz vocal? Well, I wasn’t sophisticated or intelligent enough to learn jazz. But at least I should learn some jazz standards. And I need to learn Chet Baker’s But Not For Me. I thought guitar or piano would impress girls. I even learned the most romantic music, bossa nova. But so far, the Goddess of libertine hasn’t smiled at me, so I’ve been clinging to anime. Yes, I couldn’t get any girl’s approval, which was a smile. Like the Stones sing, “Smiling faces I can see, but not for me.” I don’t need to be a jazz musician but at least be able to sing standards like Jun did.

If that doesn’t work out, then 3D girl’s hitomebore, but not for me. But 2D girl moe, yes, that is for me.

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