The Holy Land is under attack!

From Yahoo! News

7 dead in stabbing spree in downtown Tokyo

TOKYO – A man plowed into shoppers with a truck Sunday and then stabbed 17 people within minutes, killing at least seven of them in a grisly attack that shocked a country known for its low crime rate.The lunchtime violence in the Akihabara district, a popular electronics and video game area, sent thousands of people fleeing…

Ray’s Take: (NOT A SERIOUS NOTE) God damn it! Some sort of evil organization sent one of its minions for a different kind of terrorism attack (well, people ARE fearing) on our Holy Land! Fuck! Let’s send Sailor Moon to save people from being possessed by Daemons! Have Section 9 track down the heads of the organization! Where are our defenders and heroines when we need them? Has evil finally invaded the last of the purest places on this worthless piece of shit planet for uncle and aunt Otakus? Arise, citizens of the Holy Tribe! It’s time for us to take over the world and govern it with our self-fulfilling love and our lack of guts, courage and strength, so that every man will be a wimp too scared to commit crimes and every woman will be fujoshi! Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!

Ray’s Take 2: (A SERIOUS NOTE) There are real evil out there on this planet. Even the place where we call “paradise” cannot avoid being invaded by evil. We at the Anime Diet mourns over the 7 possibly Otaku comrades and may God bless their souls and comfort their grieving friends and family – yes, even Otakus have friends and families.

And I hope the damned idiot dream about yoma eating his guts every night and hallucinates about getting his skull bashed in by a loli-angel with a spiked club every waking moment!

Also thanks to Zel from the MAL News Team.

Editor’s Note: Mike from our staff has already written an excellent piece about it here.

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  1. It was really shocking when I saw this – I couldn’t believe how many people had been killed, I’m used to death tolls like this coming out of places like Afghanistan and even the U.S., not Japan.

  2. @blissmo – it really sucks that this happened.
    @A Day Without Me – I think even Japan is falling down.

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