Durarara, 2-6

better than vending machine to the face. The Reason I gave up Baccano was that there were too many characters and the none linear story.     Thank goodness Durarara has a linear story line.    I know there is a beginning and I know we are moving to some good mysteries.    This is the most engaging part of this story.    So far we have a girl without a head, a girl who apparently as an attached head, a guy who those large objects at another guy,  and I could go on and on.    Because instead of falling into the crap Lost does and keep giving us mystery without answers, this show gives us tidbits of information that make us think we are gaining somewhere on the story.   I am going to play my favorite game and jump to a conclusion.   I think Celty (Selty) is going to find her head is that girl Seiji is with. I am a sucker for a pair of maniacs.    Especially one that is ready to torture in unique and fun ways.    Which is why the characters in this show are not overwhelming.    I actually think there may not be a enough time to give the characters the full amount of time they deserve.    Interspersed in the story are amazing scenes, like a guy getting punched out of his clothes.    How else can you explain how assume a punch is other then “he punched him so hard he flew out of his clothes.”  The violence and humor create a unique atmosphere that is fun to watch. Definitely hope on this show for the mystery it provides.    It is a little slow at times with the forum sections but keeps a good pace otherwise.    The different narrators keep the story fresh and if you hate one that is ok because they will not be the focus the next episode.   I think the three high school kids are the weakest part, but maybe they will become enjoyable.    I am honestly looking forward to the next episode a lot.

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  1. Then again, I think there is another head in the running for Selty’s head. In the OP, there seems in the last moment to be a flash of a blond head under glass. Is that one Selty’s? Is it one Seiji’s girlfriend… uh… used to have?

    1. I wonder if this plays in the connection to the one element that I perceive? If her head really is on someone else’s neck, that’d be weird. There was another random lady in episode one with a neck scar as well…

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