Claymore 24 – pulling a short shinji and the battle on Mount Doom.


Well, it’s a slow episode. But I guess it’s necessary.

Congratulations on Clare cutting the Lion King into little pieces!

Congratulations on Jeane not dying and decides to follow Clare even though she’s like, a couple of miles away!

Congratulations on a successful Shinjism from Raki! But at least he recovers!

Congratulations on Miria, Helene, and Denve’s recovery! Let’s all go and help Sailor Moon, I mean Clare!

Congratulations on Denve becoming Undine the 2nd and take up 2 swords! Do remember to bulk up!

Congratulations on Priscilla recovering her memory, but still remains psycho enough to blame the dead Teresa!

Congratulations on Clare’s power reminds Priscilla of Teresa’s power!

Congratulations on Clare finally loses her mind and breaks the Iron Law of the Claymores, but hey! It’s the anime and not the manga!


Remember the LotR references I’ve been pulling? Well, guess what! Maybe these guys (or Yagi sensei) has been reading LotR, and now Clare and Priscilla is going to fight on Mount Doom! I mean just look at all these lava! I wonder if one of them is going to become Gollum and fall into the lava pit?

Well, at least Raki pulls himself out of the depression funk after Jeane’s talk. Congratulations indeed! XD

There’s just something not quite right about this episode, but it’s not that awful, just the animation and everything else seem to have gone a little bit south, so…


87% recommended for your daily anime diet. I could pretty much skip this episode and not miss much. Hence the short and acidic sarcastic review.

P.S. I’m very happy that Jean is alive, but this episode just doesn’t cut it.

Author: Ray

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8 thoughts on “Claymore 24 – pulling a short shinji and the battle on Mount Doom.

  1. Seems like the animation team forgot that when Claymores power up, they also bulk up too. Clare with such a face and still skinny is just WTF. But Priscilla actually looks almost…pretty in that last snapshot of her.

  2. I suspect Galatea did not follow Miria, Deneve and Helen because she wanted to pick Jean up (and possibly carry her to Clare).

    I said I was sad before but now I am more so.

    1. When Claymore ends, i can’t read any more good reviews for it =(
    2. Claymore anime ends soon AND the last episodes are crappy =(
    3. I heard that Monthly Shonen Jump (where Claymore is published) has ceased publication. Claymore was picked up by another magazine “Jump Sqaure” so I guess there will be delays in the manga releases =(

    I read that on this link:

  3. Well personally this episode had me excited at a few parts and going like “!? This is so confusing zomg my brain…”
    I got really hyped when i realized my predictions about Priscilla had been correct (she was regainning her memories and Clare was familiar (in a cool psycho Teresa kind of way) to her)
    All in all I applauded Raki for realizing how useless he really was and for now at least trying to repair that (hey I’ll give the runt a pat on the back if he becomes better in ep 25-26).
    It wasn’t the best but I liked it more than the last ones 20 and up. What really made me go “ehhhh???” was to see how fa it deviated form the manga’s plot…
    Oh well can’t do much…
    Also when I saw Teresa chopping up something it made me fall from my chair and I didn’t understand until later that Priscilla saw Teresa in the stead of Clare, it makes sense since technically Clare’s Yoki is… welll Teresa’s Yoki -blinks-
    Oh well it got my hopes soaring and then I came crashing down…
    Oh and I totally fangirled when Galatea came on screen XD
    … Lets hope they don’t screw up episodes 25 and 26…

  4. Somehow*, I have a feeling they are gonna pull a golem on us…
    And yes that was very SailorMoon the whole Deneve, Helen and Miria thing…
    Watch out Queen Ber.. I mean Priscilla, the Claymore Scouts (senshi) (Sailor Clare!, Sailor Miria!, Sailor Deneve!, Sailor Helen!, Sailor Galaxia, I mean Galatea) and non-tuxedo-non-mask-runt-sama are gonna kick your arse with the power of love and friendship (and tight sexy short-skirted fuku)!!!

    I should probably stop drinkinf tea and go to sleep before Ic ause any further dammage…

  5. Amaya- So you think that they’re going to beat Priscilla with a typical “love and friendship” powerup. Well I think they will beat her by having Priscilla kill off someone and then have Clare become super angry and win. Both scenarios are very typical/cliched/average. Man…what has Claymore become -___-

    Well I am hopeful the next episode will be good because of the name “For Whose Sake” I noticed that when Teresa died, Clare said the one she cannot forgive is herself because she was frozen in fear but i kind of got the feeling she hated Priscilla when watching some episodes. I guess Ep25 will discuss why Clare would kill Priscilla (is it a revenge thing, is it because she could not forgive herself, etc)

    Amaya- dont drink tea! drink hot chocolate ^____^

  6. LoL no I was stereotyping becuase of the sailormoon ref XD
    I’d really hate it if they clichéd the ending… I want it to be original or at least something we couldn’t see coming…
    *takes note*
    Right… chocolate… no more tea…

  7. Well, instead of Sailor Teleport, they should’ve used the “Claymore Teleport”. I mean there are 5 of them, right? XD
    Raki pulls out a frozen rose from his tunic and throw it at the damon/demon Priscilla. XD
    Clare spins her sword and ends up with a stance and the Moon Gorgeous Beam will shoot out the tip of her blade! XD

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