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Black Day, single awareness day…

Black Day again… Even Christ talks about us singles (incels), “there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by others.” So, here I present a jisaku-poemu song as a chuuni lyricist.

Valentine’s Day without any chocolate, thus failed to celebrate White Day…while seeing icha-icha (lovey dovey) couples walking down the street, holding each other’s hands giggling, your soul gem suffers first degree burns, can’t help but scream, “Riajuu must explode!”

St. Valentine’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band? Give me a break. Rather paint it black with Dokupe (Dr. Pepper) besides black sauce of jajangmyeon. Dr. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band… Is that gonna quench our thirst, which is exactly Sehnsucht in German, or Saudade in Brazilian?

So, let us celebrate Black Day! 

I Peropero 2D Girls

All I want is kiss, for Paradise Regained
So I snuck the drink she had, *Dokupe’s Lonely Hearts
Indirectly I had skinship with her

But she caught my sin, and she grabbed her phone
She said, “Noli Me Tangere (Don’t you get near me). Or I will call the cops!”
Won’t she ever get I was in love with her?

Those 廃人(drug addicts) have found LSD
But we the 2D girl addicts are gonna find true love in 2D
We’re gonna build our own harem of loli, tsundere, twin tail
But you see, all I taste is just LCD

So I peropero twin tail
Peropero tsundere
Peropero yandere
Loli/yojo peropero
Peropero peropero
But taste of my tears mixed with LCD

*Dokupe – An abbreviation of “Dr. Pepper” in Japanese. A favorite drink of KamiMemo‘s Alice, and also Steins;Gate‘s Okarin and Chris.

Day of Yamome (single). ヤモメイト Yamomate (yamome + mate) just like otomate (otome + mate). Thus,

yamomates of the world, unite!

P.S. Originally wanted Megurine Luka to sing this, but only have a Mac…

Kyon-kun, Denwa Song

Kyon-kun, denwa (キョンくん, 電話)
[With apologies to Leonard Cohen]


I heard there was a secret chord
Nagato played that pleased the Lord
but you don’t really care for spoilers, do ya?
Well it goes like this: the fourth, the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the baffled queen composing Kyon-kun, denwa~

Kyon-kun, denwa…

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O Pocky! My Pocky!

O Pocky! My Pocky! our shopping trip is done;
The pack has weather’d every press, the space we sought is won;
The chair is near, the squeals I hear, the people all exulting,
While follow eyes the slender line, the package red and daring:
But O mouth! mouth! mouth!
O the tell-tale drops of phlegm,
Where on the bench my pocky lies,
Fallen prey to them.

O Pocky! My Pocky! Rise up and hear the crunch!
Rise up! For you the flag is flung; for you the panties bunch!
For you cold plates and milk in cups; for you the mouths a-gaping;
For you they call, the swaying mass, their joweled cheeks a-draping;
Here pocky! Dear snack!
This arm beneath your stem;
It is some dream that from the pack
You’ve fallen prey to them.

My Pocky does not answer, its base is pale and still;
My chocolate does not feel my arm, it has no pulse nor will;
The groceries are safe and sound, their voyage closed and done;
From fearful tack, the promised snack, comes in with Pocky won;
Exult, O fans, and ring, O cells!
But I, with morunful hymn,
Walk the ground my Pocky lies,
Fallen prey to them.

Perhaps if pocky had been around in his time, Mr. Whitman would understand.

With apologies to Walt Whitman, who originally composed O Captain! My Captain! about the death of Abraham Lincoln.