Toriko – A Feast for Foodie’s Eyes…Thoughts on 1-3

Yay Toriko! So I am watching this anime, and yes I have heard people calling this the manliness anime ever! I seriously agree, since watching the muscles, power and manliness is complete eye candy for me! I am also into watching it for the fictional food aspect. Seeing Toriko’s appetite is amusing, a bit scary if you see the amount of how much they eat though. However I am sure if any viewers is use to seeing gluttons like Luffy or Goku then Toriko is fine.

I have watched up to episode 3, and the anime does animate some parts of the manga quite well. I am, however not so much of a fan for how much characters they introduce that is not in the manga at the moment.At this time I have not read past volume 3, so I am unsure of how much the anime is going to end up spoiling the manga for me. (The woes of not reading Japanese is irking). The latest volume of Toriko in English is volume 4, and for the Japanese, there is 15 volumes, so United States fans is in for a catch up nightmare. There is a dark villain group that was introduced that I I was quite unaware about. Just makes you wonder how long is this anime set to be scheduled for? Being that it is a Shonen Jump title, possible for a very long time.

So I started watching the series, and other than drooling from the descriptions of Butter Pigs, Melons that taste like rice bowls, fruits that can change in flavor.. *Drool* Above is actually a scene from the city, and the buildings definitely reminds me of Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs, foodie heaven if you ask me.

Below is an image of an early sequence where Toriko catches a fish and ends up with catching more than what he thought he would.. yum… Compare this to the manga version.

Some changes will be inevitable for this series. I was a little disappointed that Toriko’s house is not shown anywhere else with the exception of the ending, but I will continue to watch this series. I don’t know about you, but what would I give to be in the cook’s place… his ability to travel and of course feast!

Author: Linda

Linda is a life long fan of anime, and dabbles in a lot of things. She writes with a tentative neutral voice.. and as for that three year anime blogging mark, she tries to defy that as she is gaining a voice in other mediums ie: Twitter. Find her at other places online. "They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, but it's not one half so bad as a lot of ignorance." -Terry Pratchett

4 thoughts on “Toriko – A Feast for Foodie’s Eyes…Thoughts on 1-3

  1. After watching several episodes of it, I must say that it didn’t live up to my expectations. But I do agree with you on the fact that the anime has animated several things well.
    I was looking forward to this series so much after reading the manga, but episode 2 (actually episode 3 if you count the one hour special with One Piece) of Toriko turned me off. The introduction of the news reporter, Tina, was unnecessary. Instead of adding to the story, I feel her addition makes it worse. There are so many minuscule details that could have been added into the anime instead of adding her. Forgive me for my mini-rant, I just hate her. 🙂

    1. Well I didn’t get into that in my review, but yes I definitely feel the same way, since the addition of Tina is not great, since she is quite annoying. But what to say? Apparently the animators felt that the series needed a girl in the lineup, and can’t confirm, since the manga in the United States has to play catch up. So we can’t be sure if she is only an anime character or a manga one as well. Thanks for the comment. ^_^

  2. i couldn’t agree more, i had high expectation for this show but was so disappointed. she can be so annoying.

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