Hanasaku Iroha 3-4-5, May Day tsundere epic fail

To Ohana, to her life struggle, May Day is the day to celebrate all the working girls around the globe. I want to dance with Ohana around the maypole!

The 1st episode was all about abuses at the inn. But now, it’s getting more like a slice of life, a kind of a laid-back idyllic little laughter moment. Yes, its idyllic scene is so serene. I don’t like megalopolis. It’s too crowded and highly stressful. It’s not for me. I wish I could live somewhere up in the Alps. Yes, like Trapp Ikka Monogatari, somewhere like Salzburg, or like Heidi, Girl of the Alps, Switzerland would be good too. Yet, one thing from this anime still disturbs me a great deal.

Minko, a good looking but stuck up high school girl, doesn’t greet and smile at coworkers when she comes to work, especially to Ohana. And she’s very impulsive, she easily bursts into anger. A girl with no social skills. She seriously needs attitude makeover to learn how to respect individuals. But, despite her serious flaws, a lot of school boys fantasize her like Goddess. Really? Are these guys demented? Well, Minko is more demented than these idiotic dudes, and I will tell you why.

Minko has a crush, just like any other high school girls, which is awfully cute, secretly having a crush on someone! It makes my head explode with moe, kakaka! Moe is all about romanticality. Tsundere flag! Well, turns out that the guy Minko likes is Tohru, a jerk at the inn’s kitchen, who treats his junior employees like a piece of crap. I was so upset, “Why this asshole!” My moe was instantly crushed. Too bad she wasn’t actually a tsundere…

And then on 5th episode, Tohru went missing, and I was happy for I reckoned he for sure got fired and lost his job for good. But turned out to be not so. I was like, “What a fuck!” Justice wasn’t served. At least in 3-D, justice is served like death of Bin Laden on May Day. Isn’t 2-D supposed to be better than 3-D?

Man, but why Tohru? Is she out of her effing mind? Clearly she’s hoodwinked. But why girls always go for jerks? An evolutionary factor is imminent.

A girl in love with a jerk.

In the era of wilderness, girls chose violent men for protection from the wild beasts. So, the more violent a man was, the more copulatable he was. But now we have civilizations. Thus, we don’t need these demonic males any more. But unfortunately, their DNA like Minko’s haven’t evolved out despite the fact that we’ve long moved on from the wild life. But I think this century will be the last time for macho men to roar. And they shall go extinct.

Until that moment, we’ll keep watching anime with moe on tsundere girls. But I don’t know how long we have to wait. But I know it won’t happen tomorrow. The question is when. 40 years later? That’s too late. I would be an old geezer on a wheelchair that only a caregiver would come talk to me and change my diapers. I would rather die if I become like that! So, how to facilitate women’s evolution? Of course, gender equality! That’s it! When will we be having a female president of the United States? That should change everything, the real change we can believe in! So, I won’t be having 2-D complex, i.e., 2-D skin 3-D mask.

Thus, this anime turns out to be an epic fail, because Minko failed me. She isn’t a tsundere, but just another typical 3-D girl. And Tohru still goes amok. And Ohana still works for these bastards. So, the latest episode of Hanasaku Iroha was so disappointing, especially on a day like May Day, which I celebrated to Ohana’s bleeding heart. As precariat, I’m totally rooting for her! And on the same day, in 3-D, Bin Laden was announced dead by the scion of Kenya, a man once I had faith that he would completely change 3-D, just before I went to bed. So, May Day 2011, 3-D was more uplifting than 2-D. That itself was an epic fail…

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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2 thoughts on “Hanasaku Iroha 3-4-5, May Day tsundere epic fail

  1. I’ve been following your posts for some time now and I must say they’re really interesting.
    It’s nice to see for once a blogger that isn’t always criticizing moe for whatever reasons; your opinions bring a new perspective and are very refreshing. They are much more than a simple summary of the episodes and that’s what makes them interesting!
    Funny that you say you would like to live in Switzerland, I actually live there; the Alps are really wonderful and it is a delight to go hiking there on Summer.
    Hana Saku Iroha is very unusual anime, but I find highly enternaining, the art is also gorgeous: I would love to visit the “rural” Japan one of these days…
    Greetings from the land of chocolate and keep on with your blogging!

    1. @Octet

      Thank you very much for your kind words! It definitely gives me joy! I’ve just been basically staying at home alone, watching anime and typing what I felt about it. So, it’s joyful to know that someone out there, even from Switzerland, is reading articles of this wretched hikikomori!

      Yes, I really want to be in Switzerland! It’s so beautiful. But I’m trapped in this dirty stressful megalopolis. How do you describe American capitalism in one word? “Stress.” I really want to escape to the Alps, but I can’t afford to, so I escape inward instead. Ahh, the Alps, the best place to have a picnic with a nice girl like Heidi! Yes, I love chocolate! I totally envy you. You don’t know how envious I am! I’m an envious man.

      Yeah, Iroha is really beautiful anime. The idyllic scene is just awesome. I wish I could date an idyllic girl like Ohana…

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