CØDE:BREAKER, reversed Railgun?

CØDE:BREAKER, ah, by default, I don’t watch this anime because too many ikemen there. After watching this show, I feel crappy, surely this show is for fangirls. It’s like Hakuouki in the modern time.

Basically, the story is that one day a high school girl witnesses a boy burning people with blue flame. And next day, that boy named Oogami suddenly becomes her classmate as a transfer student! So typical! Then, she finds out that he’s a Code Breaker, a certain profession that specializes in executing evil people. Yes, a law breaker, because killing evil people is still a crime. And he kills heinous hoodlums who are lynching a homeless person on the spot. Normally we call 911, but like Death Note, he kills them right away, like Napoleon that Raskolnikov idealized in Crime And Punishment

However, this is pretty much closer to To Aru Majutsu No Index, rather than To Aru Kagaku No Railgun. Of course, Index is the main series and Railgun is a spin-off. But incomparably, Railgun is better. Oh no, Railgun is the best! Index is full of magicians and Christian priests and nuns, yes, it’s a war between churches. But Railgun is a battle within the science academic city. Mostly scientists and atheists. Yes, a kind of city like Richard Dawkins would be praising.

Her favorite Samurai food, onigiri.

Code:breaker‘s main character is a high school girl, Sakurakouji Sakura, she’s smart and has black belt in Aikido. And she’s extremely rigid and too serious. Her manner of speech is too samurai-like, and definitive. “~nanoda. (This is~).” Japanese is usually not definitive and it’s open ending. Nobody talks like that, it really sounds strange. Yes, like Rin-Rin from Koihime Musou, a warrior from Three Kingdoms. Or “~nari,” Korosuke the robot samurai from Kiteretsu Daihyakka. So she’s really weird, but very charming character-wise. And she’s too righteous, believes she always has to be on the right side, and has a strong sense of justice. In fact, she never smiles!

Parents are weird too, especially her mom wearing sailor uniform.

Yes, in Index, Kamijo Touma is like that too. He’s a guy character, but he’s too rigid, always preaching about justice, which takes up a half of the entire episodes. And he has the ability to nullify all magic attacks. Yes, that is also similar to Sakura. She also has the ability to nullify magic attacks. In fact, Oogami tries to burn her, but it doesn’t work on her. In Railgun, Misaka Mikoto tries to electrocute Touma, but doesn’t work on him. But Sakura hasn’t realized that she has that ability. Maybe later in the episodes.

So, Code:breaker is like a girl version of Railgun. So, story-wise, it’s interesting, even though I get depressed by the presence of myriads of ikemen. I mean if story is good, why not watch it?

Plus, OP and ED are really catchy. Seiyuu J-rock is cool. And BGM is over-dramatic! Well, it’s just started, but I feel this is going to be a good show.

Koizumi making cameo?

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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