Cage bird, panopticon, AMNESIA is f@cked up


This is so f@cked up, Toma arc of AMNESIA is so loco. It’s totally psychopath.  The girl without name, she gets confined in a cage at Toma’s apt. Why? Because Ikki‘s fan club girls (self-called Ikki’s body guards) attacked the girl because she was getting all the attention from Ikki. They cut the girl’s hair with a scissor at a train station. Yes, he tries to save her from these crazy bitches.

And Toma brings her to his apt, and gives her a drink with sleeping pill. Yes, that’s what goons do! And when she wakes up, she finds herself in a cage. Toma couldn’t stand to see her taken by Ikki. So, he commits a crime. Enchainment. The ultimate monopoly. Overprotection. Overprotected. This is psychopathic. Abnormal romance. This is not romance, this is already psychotic.

And Toma, because he’s jealous at Ikki, and he wants to monopolize the girl, and he puts her in a cage while she is drugged. This is a crime. And he tells her the reason why he confines her is that he would rape her if she is free. So, if she’s in the cage, he can’t do anything. I was like, “Whaaat!!!?” That’s the same restrictions religions have. “Dress moderately.” Christianity has emphasized on “moderation.” You can see that in Marimite or Strawberry Panic!, strict rigid Catholic school dress code. And Islam too, especially Taliban is the worst case, women have to cover their whole body, so guys won’t get horny and sexually assault them. “I have to restrict your freedom because I don’t want to attack you.” That’s how religions have confined women. That’s the most f@cked up reason I ever heard. Shouldn’t be Toma that needs to be jailed? That’s the way it should be, Magna Carta and Bill of Rights, it restricts King’s freedom, so King can’t attack civil liberties.

Yes, religions are like panopticon, a huge prison system. The church monopolizes and controls followers’ every aspect of life. That’s what Makishima talked about in Psychopass. Yes, the ciliviar system is exactly that. It has replaced the church, now the civil government run by the super intelligent cyber elites, is Big Brother. But we want to break away from that system. Yes, free from being a little sister. Big Brother’s jail. And she finally runs away from Toma, yes, running away from Big Brother, quitting his imouto. Yes, she is the anarchist!

And then, she meets a psycho stalker, the Joker! AMNESIA is getting crazier. These ikemens are lunatics.

Is this really an otome-game? And anime for otome? Umm. Probably rape fantasy. Paraphilia is really crazy. Why can they do this to such an innocent girl like her? Why her?


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