Potemayo – a cool dad most Japanese boy would kill to have and gay cheerleaders on parade.


HAHAHAHA!Sunao has a dad who’s childish, funny, and not like that sorry-ass dead seriousness that most Asian fathers have (I’m Asian-American, btw). He’s more like an American dad in many ways. He tries to play with our Boy Serious when he comes back; he gets silly souvenirs like the dead bull’s face as a mask (did he go to El Cazador’s world? Just kidding), he pretend to act just like Potemayo and shakes his ass (ugh. But I found it funny anyways), and he always tries to get his up tight-ass son to relax, even if his son kicks his ass a little (or a lot). Cool dad!


Another fun thing or gross thing is that Mudo and all these men dress up in cheerleader uniforms and skanking instead of in the traditional Japanese macho men for parade costumes. Mudo’s big friend is totally filming all these and checking him out…friggin’ gay as hell but funny. The big friend says: “Mutan (instead of Mudo), you’re shining. You’re shining brightly, Mutan!” He says this among the midst of horrified crowd. Then he says: “Mutan, I think I really do…(wanna make sweet love to you like what they do in a yaoi manga?)” What’s even funnier is that afterwards, Mikan and Kyo just get so traumatized that they can’t move a muscle. Then the four starts to walk and Kyo says: “That was something I wouldn’t see in my dreams…” Wet dreams? I guess not because Kyo is not a yaoi fan girl. Ooooh…

Then Potemayo gets into trouble for not realizing what’s what. She gets taken by some girl by force and Sunao just says with his super dead pan face: “oh…”

Dude, that yellow bird is scary as hell…Oh, and don’t forget the water yoyo that Potemayo got as a price kicking her ass…

what can I say? Turn your brain off when watching this show with some liquor or beer, or around 3 AM, and chances are, you’ll laugh.


69% recommended for your daily anime diet. especially for people who kind of understand or realizes the Japanese mindset. After getting this outta way, now I can give that good review when episode 21 of Claymore finally comes out…

Author: Ray

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