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Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: Episode 1 satisfies my fangirl cravings for more!

Fuwwaaaaaa… lovey dovey.. okay, getting over my fangirly feelings out the way. I haven’t touched a new anime in a while, and decided to check out Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, which is translated as World’s Greatest Love. This is Spring 2011’s shonen-ai title, so unless you are a guy who appreciates bl-romance titles. Then this is a title targeted towards fujoshi fans.

The anime is from the same production team that created Junjou Romantica, so there are similarities and possible cameos from Junjou Universe. The art is definitely as detailed as CLAMP works, but the coloring is quite pleasing and romantic so that is thumbs up from me. From the opening I can see that there are going to be several couples in this series, as with most other bl-titles I know about like Sex Pistols or Gakuen Heaven. Watching this anime series, also reminds me of it being another version of Bakuman, or Hataraki Man.

Ritsu Onodera is a 25 year old editor, who starts to work in a Shoujo manga publishing company, after being a literature editor for three years, at his family’s publishing company. He is definitely not use to working in the shoujo department, and is still thinking about leaving the department as the episode ends. First he needs to gain more skills though. So unknowingly, he works in the same company as his high school crush. Guess who remembers who first though? There are a series of flashbacks, and the viewers are not really sure why does Ritsu has bad memories of his past.

Some points I found where funny was the 20 Day cycle, at the beginning it is all like roses, and such for the publishing team, but as deadlines come up.. there is a 180 degree change. So that can definitely scare off some people, and it definitely weird Ritsu out.

Another aspect I found interesting was definitely the reading involved. Since Ritsu was not familiar with the company’s published works, he will be doing some background work in detial. Wonder if that is the case for many of the publishing companies in America.

Not sure if I should have screen capped it, but there is some boy on boy action so far in the episode. This anime series is planned for 12 episodes, so hopefully I won’t fall off the mark with watching this series. But there is already three volume published in the manga.

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