Music Monday: Ayako and Ryouko


I am not spamming you if I am actually going to write a post about these two female singers.  You can scan/skim/skip this paragraph though, since I need to do some background explanations first. Last month, Anime Diet last month got contacted by Mr. Eidi Kakuno of Eijing Production to comment and review about their singers. So here I am, definitely writing about music, since I really enjoy listening to Japanese pop music. This is the beginning of  a weekly column, so I am picking up Music Monday from a hash tag, so it is something like Manga Monday.

Ayako is a new 2011 produced artist, she was trained as a pianist from when she was five, and worked as a model. Her first single/song is named “Tanabata” and is avaliable on with a sample there.  On the cover of the single, Ayako is wearing a yukata, and a bit of a background on what Tanabata or 七夕is. This is definitely a Japanese Star festival, a Romeo & Juliet type story, for star crossed lovers. The Japanese celebrate by writing wishes on strips of paper, and hanging them on trees. Are there any anime you can think of that has the celebration of Tanabata in it? Personally I know this as the story of the Princess and the Cowherder.


Ryouko’s full name unlike the single name that Ayako has is, Ryouko Futaboshi. Similar to Ayako, she is also a trained pianist from four years old, and her first song/single is “Those Days” and is also avaliable on On the cover of this single is a picture of the sky, and just listening and looking at the cover, reminds me of a breezy school day feel, when you’re outside in a yard somewhere and looking upward to see wispy Cirrus type clouds. Am I getting too abstract for you? Well that’s how I feel listening to this song.

Now why do I keep on mentioning these two being trained pianist, because these two singles have the piano playing in the background, and both are quite delicate sounding singers. All I can think about to compare them to a Japanese amateur version of Chinese Faye Wong, Andrea Corr from The Corrs or even Icelandic bjork. These two singers don’t sound really raspy, but they are at the start of their careers, so there must be possibly a process of maturing. If the samples aren’t enough for you, then they are on Japanese iTunes, but as far as getting these songs legally, consider J-List for Japanese iTune card purchasing needs.

Author: Linda

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