Rosario to pantsu Vampire

snapshot20080106003914.jpgsnapshot20080106004054.jpgIT’S AN OBVIOUS TRAP!!!HERE’S AN OBVIOUS CUE!snapshot20080106004241.jpgNo, YOU pulled my hand down your crotch.snapshot20080106004420.jpgsnapshot20080106004448.jpgsnapshot20080106004649.jpgsnapshot20080106004749.jpgSo much ogre man milk, so little timesnapshot20080106005142.jpgsnapshot20080106005212.jpgsnapshot20080106005258.jpgsnapshot200801060053372.jpgsnapshot200801060054342.jpgsnapshot200801060054392.jpgsnapshot200801060054472.jpgsnapshot200801060055452.jpgsnapshot200801060056182.jpgsnapshot200801060056412.jpgsnapshot20080106005730.jpgsnapshot20080106005832.jpg

I really don’t understand why this was one of the most anticipated shows of the season.

The concept of monster schools has been done countless times, the earliest I remember was Shaggy and Scooby in the Monster School (yes, that’s an AMERICAN reference). But seriously, if you read the description of this anime here at hashihime’s, you pretty much saw the first episode. However, let me drop my jadedness and pretentious high brow criticism and ultra pickiness and…

PANTSU! PANTSU! PANTSU! The fan service here is cool! I mean, it’s nothing like Aika, and no more near the pantsu potential of Najica, but these pink and white panties are hot! Moka (Mocca? I’ll have a cup! Ha ha ha…) chan is kawaii and as standard as any pink-haired magical (or monstrous) girlfriend as her million incarnations before, and you know the other great thing about her?

She’s an Abyssal One.

No I didn’t lose you there. The ogre said: “…That gargantuan yoki! ” Yoki? Gargantuan Yoki? I remember Clare (Claymore) saying that Riful has incredible yoki, too. And Riful normally don’t change into something non-human.

Well, Mokka (‘and her skin is the color of…’ actually, it’s not mocca. Once again, ha ha ha ha ha…) doesn’t change into a monstrous form. She just gets light colored hair and different color of eyes…

But yeah, she’s the “magical girlfriend”, after all. What’s with that kick after the transformation anyway? So we can all drool and say: “She kicks high?” like that OK Xbox commercial about Dead and Alive? I mean, we saw enough pantsu shots already! Give me some substance!

Author: Ray

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6 thoughts on “Rosario to pantsu Vampire

  1. Ah, that’s sad. The manga really did have more blood and fewer panties. I think us manga fans have only had a glimpse of Moka’s panties once or twice. Frankly, panties do not excite me anymore. Just after watching my first ecchi show (Love Hina) I was tired of it. Too much accidentally falling on top of each other, too much accidental groping, too much accidental peeking, too much goddamn underwear.

    I can’t say that the manga is really a great manga either though. Pretty basic Harem. There is the average, but generally good guy, the strong-willed heroine you know he’s going to end up with, the girl who hugs the guy every time she sees him, the younger girl, and in this case it is slightly different than other harem shows, the stalker girl. Whatever.

    Personally, I’ve been enjoying these kinds of things though. The shounen that can never really get serious. Sure the main character almost dies many times and there are monsters and whatever, but you know he isn’t going to die. You know they’re going to win. I think I’ve become a wussy. Maybe that’s why I’m watching that kind of anime and whatever the verb is for what you do with manga that kind of manga.

  2. I liked it a lot. ^_^ It was fun, and it made me smile/laugh quite a bit. The story was easy to follow, without me having to “rewind” to reread subtitles I missed or misread. I really like the characters and the character designs. My only thought is it really jumped right in without a lot of setup for the main character, but that’s a minor detail as I’m sure we will learn more about him as the series progresses.

    I haven’t seen the Manga, but I am very interested in it. Is it available in the US yet?

  3. @IKnight – it really seems like most of the time the manga is better because it doesn’t have the constraint of having to be TV length and must have an end (like in the case of Claymore).

    @Somewhatnifty – well, you know what? I kind of like these shows, too. These are escapist fantasies that some of us really like. It’s kind of like 80’s shows where in the end, everyone often laughs it off; the villain gets his and the good guys win without a real scratch. Also, I love pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu…

    @Daniel C – don’t know if it’s available in US yet, maybe there are scanatlations around. Yeah, it’s not a bad show per se, it’s just somewhat average. But I noticed that a lot of shows that I feel is average these days I would’ve loved them 5 to 10 years back.

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