AMNESIA, cover your eyes with shades!


AMNESIA is a terrible anime, it’s based on the game created by Otomate, renowned for the success of Hakuouki. Reading the simuli-comments written by female otakus, their expressions aren’t direct. Why don’t they say, “I want to fuck him!” instead of “I want to be hugged!“? Even in 2D, girls are always running away from taking sexual responsibility, which makes them nothing but hypocrite.

The protagonist loses memory by the accident. And then, each arc has each ikemen claiming that he is her boyfriend. How can that be! She seems to be a very innocent girl. But, that means before losing her memory, she was very sexually active. Man, reversed harem! Every ikemen at her work place, yes, a cafe of host and maid, is her boyfriend in each arc. And each ikemen is based on Heart, Spade, Clover, Diamond, and Joker of a deck.


The first arc was Heart World, Shin. Yes, very ikemen indeed. But a little distant and tsundere, and has a dark past that he doesn’t share with anybody. That dark past is also a valid element to attract ewes, sadly… I wish I had a dark past too, or kuro-rekishi.


And, the second arc is Spade World, Ikki. He’s obviously a player, always surrounded by girls. And he has a special ability to swoon girls. His eyes have a power to turn on any girl, so he always wears shades to prevent that. Yeah, it’s a ripoff of Code Geass, I knowI wish I had that ability, but the intelligent designer (colloquially speaking “God”) didn’t give me any. Yet, the protagonist is an exception, she doesn’t get affected by his supernatural ability. So, he finds her interesting, “This girl is different from other girls.” Means, “this girl is special!” But what kind of setting is that in the first place? Seducing eyes. I don’t have these eyes to swoon girls, I never made them drool over me, but instead I am the one always get swooned, but they turn me down. I’m like, “You are the one attracted me!” Yet, they complain that I sexually objectified them, and they said it was sexism, objectification was evil, bla bla bla, and called me a pervert. How many times girls have made me swooned? Well, but not with their eyes like Ikki, except for one time.

Yes, as I remember at Anime Los Angeles this year, I went to Stephanie Yanez concert, and after the concert, I lined up with her fans in order to get an autograph. I wasn’t her fan or anything, just out of curiosity I went to check out her band, and her performance was very good, so I just wanted to compliment her and get an autograph. And when my turn came, I made a compliment and offered a handshake, then to my surprise, she grabbed my hand with both of her hands, and she did uwamezukai (upward glance) to me! That totally caught me off guard. It was a matter of seconds that my brain completely blanked out, and her eyes were just exceptionally…, oh yes, like Ikki’s eyes! She surely has geass. Yes, that evil power! As far as Yanez’s beauty goes, she’s really pretty, but you can find that level of beauty anywhere, but that ability is really something. So, I learned that in the music industry, only singing talent is not enough. If so, then Miranda Doolittle would have been doing great, but as an idol, there needs to be plus-alpha besides singing. Yeah, those eyes, man, if I had a girlfriend or even married, even for seconds, my heart would completely be NTRed (stolen), I would have ended up being unfaithful and ruined my life. So, I know it exists, Ikki’s eyes are real. So, next time, I suggest Yanez to wear shades. So, that was the only time that happened to me.

As Ikki learns that his ability doesn’t work on her, he brings her to his apt and tells her, “Why don’t you stay over tonight?” Wow, sexual coersion! But because he’s ikemen, she doesn’t call 911. So unfair! Everything is permitted for ikemen? Kaicho Wa Meido-sama is also like that. If a stalker is ikemen, girls simply don’t report to the authority. Meanwhile, she gets pestered by Ikki’s fan club girls. Shin-ei-tai (body guard, aka fan club). So scary these girls. Yes, these girls are jealous, all swooned by Ikki’s geass. And then the very plot twist revelation happens!

Ikki’s groupies.

Ikki shouldn’t date a girl from the fan club. That will mess up the club. Well, he himself says, “I probably hate women. They are troubles, always fighting around me.” Darn, that is the ikemen statement. How lucky. Only happens to ikemen! So unfair! Yeah, it’s still 2D, but I feel extremely unfair. If I were that ikemen, I would have been dating all kinds of girls on whim. Probably, girls around me will fight each other to get me. And that cat fight would boost my ego for sure!

So, maybe I need to start wearing shades, and if girls ask me, “Why are you always wearing shades?” Then I will answer, “Not to make you fall in love with me.” Ahhhhh!!!!! Makes me puke. Kimoi. Gero-gero-gero! Kimo-ota saying that line would make me the kimo-ota of the kimo-otas!


P.S. btw, this Ikki cosplay is awesome.

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  1. Yeah, when Diamond arc starts! This kinda reminds me of Fist of North Star, King’s cards.

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