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Endings: Kannagi, Rosario 2, Hyakko

Of course everyone makes up and kiss up (blood sucking, nevertheless), but of course, another happy ending in Otaku season (catering to Japanese and some Asian Otaku – remember, unlike American ones, Asian Otaku don’t like sad endings and rather not be cynical) Ready? OK! Here it goes –

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Anime Diet Radio Episode 18 – Don’t Try This At Home

Anime Diet Radio finally graduates and comes into its maturity in this, our 18th and our first Jeremy-less episode in a while. (He had a toothache.) We’re doing DANGEROUS things that you shouldn’t try at home: like the Indonesian boy who imitated Naruto too much and spreading the Clannad virus! And we also talk about this season’s anime like Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino, Rosario + Vampire, True Tears, Shigofumi, and They are My Noble Masters.

This was, as you will hear, recorded two weeks ago on Super Bowl Sunday. It is actually Take 2 of Episode 18, which because of computer problems described in the Introduction, we had to scrap. I still think this was a good episode, though, and I hope you’ll agree!

Erratum: the drink referred to that had a commercial in the Superbowl is not called Volt, but Amp. As you can see I did not do well in the electricity unit of high school physics. :) You can see the original Super Bowl commercial here (1). Note the warning at the bottom!

Show Order

  • –(00:00–03:36) Introduction
  • –(03:37–12:37) News 1: Indonesian Naruto Fan Strangles Self; Legislation Called For
  • –(12:38–19:47) News 2: The Clannad Virus
  • –(19:48–39:02) Mailbag
  • –(39:03–67:28) Roundtable
  • –(67:29–end) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • –OP: “Breakin’ Through” by Shūhei Kita (OP to Persona: Trinity Soul)
  • –ED: “COSMIC LOVE” by Nana Mizuki (OP to Rosario + Vampire)
  • –The original news piece about the Naruto Indonesian victim is at Anime News Network here (2).
  • –The original news piece about the Clannad virus and other Japanese prosecuted for illegal uploads is at ANN here (3).
  • –The comments for the previous episode are here.


  • (1)http://sports.aol.com/nfl/superbowlads?videoId=2065948
  • (2)http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-01-21/indonesian-child-dies-after-imitating-anime-character
  • (3)http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-01-24/3-japanese-men-arrested-charged-with-uploading-anime
  • (4)http://animediet.net/archives/3162#comments

Rosario to Vampire ep06 – nope, still nothing…


…much is going on, at least. But it’s still fun to watch. I thought they’d have the real rival guy shows up but he turns out to be a wuz after all (but Seki Tomokazu does his role very well). Anyway, in most vampire shows fights between vampires and werewolves often turn out to be a tie, but this show isn’t anything serious after all.

Love them panties…love them panties…gotta love them panties…

Hmm…I wonder what else to write about? Oh yeah, Tsukune is probably “invulnerable”, whatever that means. But at least it’s confirmed that no matter how many times he’s hit by super strength monsters, he’s still pretty much one piece. So hey, maybe he’s the grand boss of them all. I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if that were the case.

Still moving on…

Mike’s Winter 2008 Birthday Roundup: the Threes

Yes, dear readers–that’s your duty too!

Yes, dear readers–that’s your duty too!

Because I don’t have time to write full entries tonight and because as of this posting, it’s also my birthday. Whee! Let’s celebrate with some brief thoughts on Rosario + Vampire, Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Persona: Trinity Soul, Clannad 15, and Spice and Wolf thus far.

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Rosario to pantsu Vampire

snapshot20080106003914.jpgsnapshot20080106004054.jpgIT’S AN OBVIOUS TRAP!!!HERE’S AN OBVIOUS CUE!snapshot20080106004241.jpgNo, YOU pulled my hand down your crotch.snapshot20080106004420.jpgsnapshot20080106004448.jpgsnapshot20080106004649.jpgsnapshot20080106004749.jpgSo much ogre man milk, so little timesnapshot20080106005142.jpgsnapshot20080106005212.jpgsnapshot20080106005258.jpgsnapshot200801060053372.jpgsnapshot200801060054342.jpgsnapshot200801060054392.jpgsnapshot200801060054472.jpgsnapshot200801060055452.jpgsnapshot200801060056182.jpgsnapshot200801060056412.jpgsnapshot20080106005730.jpgsnapshot20080106005832.jpg

I really don’t understand why this was one of the most anticipated shows of the season.

The concept of monster schools has been done countless times, the earliest I remember was Shaggy and Scooby in the Monster School (yes, that’s an AMERICAN reference). But seriously, if you read the description of this anime here at hashihime’s, you pretty much saw the first episode. However, let me drop my jadedness and pretentious high brow criticism and ultra pickiness and…

PANTSU! PANTSU! PANTSU! The fan service here is cool! I mean, it’s nothing like Aika, and no more near the pantsu potential of Najica, but these pink and white panties are hot! Moka (Mocca? I’ll have a cup! Ha ha ha…) chan is kawaii and as standard as any pink-haired magical (or monstrous) girlfriend as her million incarnations before, and you know the other great thing about her?

She’s an Abyssal One.

No I didn’t lose you there. The ogre said: “…That gargantuan yoki! ” Yoki? Gargantuan Yoki? I remember Clare (Claymore) saying that Riful has incredible yoki, too. And Riful normally don’t change into something non-human.

Well, Mokka (‘and her skin is the color of…’ actually, it’s not mocca. Once again, ha ha ha ha ha…) doesn’t change into a monstrous form. She just gets light colored hair and different color of eyes…

But yeah, she’s the “magical girlfriend”, after all. What’s with that kick after the transformation anyway? So we can all drool and say: “She kicks high?” like that OK Xbox commercial about Dead and Alive? I mean, we saw enough pantsu shots already! Give me some substance!