Uraboku is crime against humanity

The Hanged Man, The Traitor, Uragiri-mono, thus Ura-boku!

Uraboku is sick.

I have been watching Uraboku and appalled by its sadistic nature. When I was watching Episode 10, the torture scene was just unbearable. It’s crime against humanity. And a torture officer is a cute Gothic Lolita girl, Ashley. She takes a great pleasure torturing Shusei, a Zweilt Guardian, a very good looking bi-danshi. The voice actor is Miyano Mamoru, well-known voice for Yagami Light and Kida Masaomi. Penetrating his body with needles, oh my…I couldn’t keep watching it. I just couldn’t, especially when he screamed and moaned in an intense agony. I just covered my eyes and ears to let the scene pass. Do girls find pleasure watching a hot guy getting tortured? This fujoshi from Japan writes, “Overly too beautiful, The Hanged Man…Shusei♥ Don’t rescue him, I wanna keep staring at him…No! I wanna lick him thoroughly…

Sadistic Ashley with Shusei's voodoo doll.

Ashley-sama is really a sicko. She collects all the good looking guys she finds by abduction. A kind of female version of The Silence Of The Lambs. What a nasty paraphilia… And what’s more shocking was Ashley’s voice is Ueda Kana, the voice actor for Fukuzawa Yumi, the protagonist of Maria Sama Ga Miteru, the heavenliest anime I’ve ever seen in my life. Yumi-chan is very pure-hearted, clumsy, and cute, longing for her eternal sœur, Ogasawara Sachiko. Yumi-chan is probably the first female character I identified myself with. Yes, my life-long desire to be a girl was conceptualized in her. But, my beautiful dream was annihilated into oblivion by Ashley, a sadistic psycho. I’m now traumatized. I got PTSD. I got waterboarding with this particular episode. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band was from the 60s, Plastic Ono Band and Sadistic Mika Band was the 70s, and our 2010s is Sadistic Ashley Band.

Sadistic Ashley fondles Shusei.

There’s also another crazy woman in Uraboku. In Episode 18th, there appears a psychotic jealous woman, Elegy. She is a general class demon (Opast), and she tries to kill Luka with a whip, because Luka betrayed the demons and ran away with Yuki, a human girl. But why with a whip? So sadistic. Well, turns out to be she’s had a crush on him. She tries to seduce him at first. She tells him to give up on Yuki. “She forgot about you. She never loved you. Eternity is an illusion. Love is just a game.” But he tells her straight, “I only love Yuki. I will die for her.” Then, she gets mad, “I’ve loved you so much, but you ran away with that stupid human girl, I can never forgive you for that!” After all, she is just a psychopathic stalker. She claims “Love is just a game,” but she screams, “I gonna kill you!” when she gets rejected. Didn’t she say love was just a game?

This is like Gilgamesh getting Inanna’s wrath. Adam getting Lilith’s wrath. The Bambara men getting Musso-Koroni’s wrath. Musso-Koroni’s husband went on having sex with human girls, so she got angry and cursed the world. Yes, as a result, she committed crime against humanity. Is that why I’m not getting any?

So how do we save ourselves from the curse? How do we stop her sadistic nature of crime against humanity? Ah My Goddess! is the answer. Accept her love. Adam made a mistake by rejecting Lilith’s demand. But we will correct Adam’s mistake. We will correct Gilgamesh’s mistake. We’ll correct Tannhäuser’s mistake, rejecting Venus, the beauty goddess.

The Church has long told us mingling with goddess is a grave sin to commit. So we have to be stuck with 3-D girls forever? That’s ri-f@cking-diculous. I mean, come on, Yuki the human girl can be with a loyal demon. Why can’t Otaku be with 2-D girls? We get cursed because we reject goddess, and we get cursed because we accept Golden Calf. We betray either one, and the result is the same. Even if we accept both, that’s still a betrayal, it’s called “cheating.” Either way, we’re f@cked. Catch-22. God must be jealous. Isn’t God supposed to be the unconditional love? Well, Elegy is a demon, so her jealousy is more understandable.

But come on, Elegy. Just look at us. Please objectify us. We will never betray you. Betrayal doesn’t know our names. Forget that stupid A-hole Luka. He forgot about you. He never loved you. Just like you said, love is just a game, right? So why bother? Moe in turn is a devotion. We are here to worship you. You are forever canonized in our moetic pantheon. That is moetic justice!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

11 thoughts on “Uraboku is crime against humanity

  1. Why does it seem that fujoshi shows are way sicker than moe otaku shows? The girls in Strike Witches may not have any pants, but at least there’s no rape or torture in that show.

    1. @linger

      I’m not sure, I can’t get into fujoshi’s head, but I reckon yaoi itself is telling, it’s about sexuality, and probably adding some fujoshi’s paraphilia. i was laughing hard reading fujoshi’s blogs on Uraboku. Moe’s more like a kind of feeling of first love of bittersweet adolescence rather than sexual.

      1. I am someone who might be considered a fujoshi, but I see you making a lot of assumptions about me because I happen to like yaoi.

        Here’s the thing there is a difference between yaoi and shonen ai which Uraboku is classified as shonen ai. Shonen ai is more focused on the relationship aspect not all “about sexuality” as you so “kindly” put it. While you are bashing about the torture scene I just want to say not all of us fujoshi liked the scene, you’ve only gotten the word of one compared to all us who watched the show. That’s like me taking the word of a extreme feminist and said this all feminists feel (there are some fujoshi that like torture and there are some like me who wanted that scene to be over). While watching the show I couldn’t wait for Hotsuma to show and save him, and that I wanted the entire time. I didn’t once want Shusei to be tortured but make it out that as a fujoshi I’m lying saying that fujoshi feel.

        If that was not your intention please do a better job of lumping us all together.

        One final thing, Shonen ai is like how you described moe. Shonen ai is mostly innocent puppy love that happens to be between two guys

  2. OOOUUCH!!! WTF? I mean, I watched Mnemosyne and I cringed a few times but this sounds even more painful!

    1. @Ray

      I felt Mnemosyne was worse, as sick as Tarantino films. Simply grosses me out. But I think Uraboku’s torture scene was designed to entice fujoshi’s paraphilic fantasy.

      1. Yes. As soon as I mentioned that I watched Mnemosyne, I was disqualified from being appalled! XD And the worse part is that I realized that it was physical lust for the sexy bodies that makes me understand where THEY’re coming from. 😛

  3. I don’t think Lilith’s demand – depending on which story you read – is about love at all. If anything, her demands illustrate that she places her independence above love. She was willing to enter into a relationship with Adam only on her own terms.

    But again, there are many versions of this tale, and many interpretations.

    1. @moritheil

      Great insight! It’s about love (jealous), and also her sexual independence, she wanted to be on top. Yet she wasn’t accepted for who she was. But the point is woman’s wrath caused humanity’s malaise. Jewish baby boy gets circumcision to avoid Lilith’s curse. Same goes for Musso-koroni. She cursed men, so every Bambara new born boy has to go under circumcision. Elegy is a super jealous woman. “Don’t worship other than me, because I’m jealous.” Cheaters, traitors, all wiped out by deluge or massacre, thrown into hell. And the anime’s title is “Betrayal knows my name.” Thorny rose chain, Mark of betrayal, wound of it, stigma. Tattooed, branded one. It’s the central concept of Uraboku.”

  4. Uhm, I guess I’ll have to say about the torcher (Pretty sure I spelled that wrong) scene is that it didn’t really bother me. I was there soley to know only about Luka and Yuki. I mean I’m not saying it was exciting or anything. But, It added Thrill to the anime and suspense. Everyone wanted to know what was going to happen!!. So yeah, it didn’t bother me any.

    P.S If you learn when there’s going to be more episodes for this anime, please tell me at : Omfgmeep@yahoo.com


    1. @Lyaluh

      Thank you for the comment.

      I see. Maybe because I’m not fujoshi. Yes, torture scene is beautifully drawn, catering to the fujoshi fandom. Right, thrill and suspense, in fact, it’s very scary, I mean, she’s very Gothic-Lolita, cute and cruel. Yes, cute and dark, very evil. Evil girls are usually exceptionally good-looking. Nobody will be seduced by the evil if they are ugly. And a guy being tortured is also good-looking. That makes the fujoshi go crazy.

      There’s a site you can check out Uraboku episodes for free.

  5. Oh come on they are enemies ENEMIES. You are supposed to hate them. The author made them sick and twisted on purpose so you would not care when they die. And…to the people you hear those comments from… They are twisted too. Luka and Yuki are the heroes. You know villians like Voldemort, Orochimaru, Bellatrix, ect…..

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