This Just in – Ikari “Mike” Gendo is farming 14-year-old girls out of a giant sized tank!

From the The Diet 3 Daily

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3rd Impact sized scandal in politics concerning Ikari “Mike” Gendo.

After months of investigation, intrigue, contacting and confirming with our underground sources and risking all our lives at the The Diet 3 Daily, we have confirmed that our beloved and fearless leader and the de facto mayor of The Diet 3, Ikari “Mike” Gendo, has in fact been running a “biological existential cloning farm” – a gargantuan tank that cultures hundreds of likeness of a blue haired girl some claimed to be Rei Ayanami.

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After dodging strange men in black, surviving odd viral attacks on our central server, and other unexpected harassment by some secret service members of the Gendo administration, we have confirmed this information with one of the members of Nerv – a former lover who pretended to be dead when Ikari “Mike” Gendo shot her in the chest. She wished to be referred to as “Dr. A”.

“I was wearing the newly developed bullet-proof vest code named: ‘The Human AT-Field’ at the time when “Mike” shot me in the chest.” said Dr. A, snickering. “I knew it was over and he didn’t even bother to lift me out from that disgusting LCL fluid. Fuck, I got so sick of that shit that I’m not having babies ever!

“Anyways, yeah, you would think Ikari is a pedophile, but that’s not it. In some ways he really treats these clone girls as his daughters…No, as the spare parts for his one and perfect woman/daughter/wife/goddess character. She (Rei) really wasn’t cultured, ahem, raised with a lot of choices. Hell, I was not all that surprised when she told him she loved him. After all, she’s all Gendo ever cared for and…Fuck it! She’s made out of genetic materials of his dead wife!” Dr A. said. She made a sharply disgusted face.

“I will never elect someone like that to be the president of anything!” She added.

This will surely go down in history as a scandal of apocalyptic proportions.

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