Nyan Koi! Episode 6 – Twins? Twins!

Well, episode 6 really wasn’t anything special.  Not bad, just more of the same.  The cast rounds out a bit more with the introduction of Kotone and Akari Kirishima, the twin daughters of the local (somewhat lecherous yet kindly) monk.  Typical twin story elements occur (mistaking one for the other and etc.)  as Kotone is attracted to Junpei because of his misfortune (maybe she’s a reverse vampire?) and Akari beating him up thinking he is a pervert.

Additionally the story from episode 5 continues with Mizuno trying to figure out if Junpei really feels the way Nagi told her he does, and what exactly his relationships with all these other woman truly are.  That said.. nothing really develops on that front that wasn’t already established last episode aside from two new characters (the twins) to be confused by.   Sadly, Nagi and Kanako have little screen time this episode as well.  I say sadly because they are by far the most interesting characters in Nyan Koi (along with Junpei). They deserve more screen time.

Animation this time around is still great, though some might be upset because of the blatantly censored out pantsu shots.  I wonder what they will do for episode 7 which looks to be the hot springs episode every comedic anime is required to have at least one of.

Episode 6 Grade – B

– DC

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4 thoughts on “Nyan Koi! Episode 6 – Twins? Twins!

  1. The relationships are so complicated now, I wonder how the twins will confuse things more!  Now that the whole team is assembled, we’ll find out what the group dynamic is for the complete harem.  Anyway, the twins are cute and I imagine they will both end up liking Junpei (of course!)

  2. @DS  I’m sure they both like him already, just Akari hasn’t come to terms with it.  He did save her from falling down the stairs at risk of his own injury after all.
    Yes, now that the team is all together I’m looking forward to more plot and development.

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