Hataraku Maou-sama, working demon king, mac job, and loli, Chii-chan, buhiii!


Buhiiii!! Pero-pero that back of her foot. Chii-chan! My heroine advent!

Hero (red hair girl) and Demon King (McDee clerk).

Maoyuu was about the demon king (female) stalemated by the hero (male), but she proposed him as counter-offer, and made him her husband.  But, this one, the demon king (male) was stalemated by the hero (female), so he escapes to 3D, I mean to our world, capitalist Japan under Abe, a sucessor of Koizumi‘s neoliberal reform with Takenaka, Koizumi’s economy advisor, who looks up to the recent deceased Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Then, the Demon king, aka Mao Sadao, works at McDee, living off a mac job. Yes, Mao as a freeter. And his ambition is now changed from the conquest of the world to the effort to upgrade himself from part time worker to full time worker at McDee. Since the bubble bust, the temp workers flooded, no more secured life time employment and seniority system, and now full time company workers are getting smaller and smaller. Yes, the labor cost is unaffordable in this recession. So, a lot of companies try to cut down, basically outsourcing labor to temp worker companies. But their life is horrible. No healthcare, no paid time-off, no paid vacation, no labor union, which Amamiya Karin, a punk labor activist, and Morinaga Takuro, the moe economist, both lament and advocate to better young workers status. So there are many young workers live in a six-mat room apartment with no shower, so he has to go to sentou (public bath) with his subordinate. His subordinate is like a househusband, he prepares dinner for his master when he gets home from work. Oh yes, Japan’s very poor young workforce Mao has joined, which is the ultimate absurdity.


Probably Japan will open up the labor market to foreign workers eventually, and yes, technically Mao Sadao is a foreign worker. So, he’s a pioneer in Japan’s labor market.

And also, the hero (female) also arrives to this capitalist Tokyo, to chase the fugitive and finish him, but now she works at a call center! Oh yes, totally a life of OL. Hilarious. Man, hourly wage workers, probably minimum wage or just a little bit better than that.

Chii-chan at McDee.

But, at McDee, yes, there is very cute girl, Chii-chan! Though she’s at least 16, she’s such short, but bouncing oppai, OMG! The perfect ideal for lonely otakus. Peropero! Buhiiii!!! That made my day. So, I don’t mind working a mac job if there is a super-cute co-worker like Chii-chan and if I can go out with her! Who the heck cares about economy!

Chii-chan rotating.

And Chii-chan is just cute. She is really kawaii. Buhibuhibuhi. Buhiiiiii!! Yes, she is in love with Mao! Yes, the way she approaches Mao is so cute! Her every move, ahh, too cute, we moe pigs can’t contain ourselves any longer. We just oink with moeuphoria! Buhii! Chii-can is for moe-pigs!

Choosing cloths for a date.

Ah, just a thought of this cute girl choosing fashion in front of the mirror only for me makes me euphoric.

Getting nervous in the train going to Shinjuku for a date.
Cuteness appeal is so cute!!!
Yatta~!!! (I did it!) So kyawaii…just moe…moe…kyun…
“Can I hold your hand…?” With Uwamezukai (upward glance)! Uru-uru beam! That ero-ge face! Dying from over-moe!

This upward glance, this just killed me. Ohhh, how can I reject that?

Holding hands. Ahhhhh!!!
How she protrude her mouth is so cute, like a small animal! Kawaii! Probably writing a romance diary?
Ahhhh, how can she be this cute?
Getting into fight with ex. Chii-chan shows her fangs.

Ahh, how come this cute girl exists!? Well, she doesn’t exist, since she’s a 2D girl, but I should declare that she’s my girlfriend, or inside-the brain bride. (“脳内嫁” Nou-nai-yome).

Nice angle!
Nice angle!
Romantic confession, whole face blushing.
Romantic confession, whole face blushing, thump thump, heart beat racing! Kitaaaa!!!

Oh my gosh! But right before she confesses, ex-girlfriend blocks her, bad-timing. But, ahh, so, cute. How can she this obvious? Ahh, so pure, very otome! I so want to support her! Ganbare, Chii-chan! Yup, why can’t this kind of girl exist? Drudgery of capitalism is daily life of mine. Yes, that is reality, which is 3D. But just like I went to Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s concert and got astral projection, I want to date Chii-chan. Oh yes, to forget about reality and escape to fantasy. This is my paradise!


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