Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: Episode 2 continues….

Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Episode 2 -start! Watch-pause-cap-watch-pause-cap-End. On a broad scale, this episode can be divided into three parts.

  1. Ritsu follows Takano to a mangaka’s office.
  2. Ritsu finds out who Takano is.
  3. Ritsu moves to a new apartment.

(sighs) Yes so I am a pretty easy fan to please.. I find myself really liking this series for the moment, and not just for the fan service, though I call that cream on top. Often when reading mangas, one of my favorite parts is reading the mangaka notes, since they talk about their thought process into creating that particular episode or work. As a personal experience, I can definitely relate to someone who is working on a deadline. Plus the whole bit about Ritsu’s thoughts on an editor’s responsibility definitely got to me.

The state of the mangaka and her assistants definitely reminded me of when I heard Kazuko Tadano and Hiromi Matsushita speak at Otakon 2008, about the length of time they devoted to animating and creating Sailor Moon. This other aspect is also from an anime perspective, but Hayao Miyazaki, and the late Satonshi Kon also logged incredible amounts of time to just create and create. Yes creation is a tedious work, but just thinking about it just thrills me, since the finished product can be taken in a couple of ways.

Ritsu also mentions an aspect of purchasing manga in order to support the industry, and compliment the mangaka. There you have it…if you are a fan of written or artistic works. Don’t make assumptions and expectations to just wait, but on occasion with your budget ability purchase and support the industry.

This is also the episode where Takano reveals what a confident seme he is, and that just thrills me to no end. Yes I am definitely a person that would say to people be direct. Not be reckless, but when you are confident of your choice, then confess. Relationships that you want should be seized with both hands. If you get rejected fine, but at least be understanding enough to back off.

The last part of the episode when Ritsu moves, to find that he lives next to Takano, that is such a common plot device. How convenient is it going to be if they live far away, so why not put them as neighbors. The heart grows more confident with more contact. Oh by the way, at this point, I would definitely say that I am not going to be surprise if there is a third person introduced, and jealousy is felt by the seme. Kyaaaaaa!!! Possessive, uncertainty, and confident also works! Wonder how I will feel when I see the third episode of this series?

Oh, and on a very bad note. The manga which had been licensed by Blu, an imprint of Tokyopop was suppose to have come out by this July, but with the recent news of Tokyopop closing shop, I do wonder about this particular manga title.

Author: Linda

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4 thoughts on “Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi: Episode 2 continues….

  1. I also watched 2nd episode as well, and surprisingly I find it interesting! It’s good to know how manga is created, tougher job than I imagined. Deadline, deadline, deadline! The kiss scene is still disturbing to me, but the plot is pretty funny. Takano is not just a neighbor living in the same apt complex, he lives right next door! Too coincidental! It doesn’t happen in 3-D! A boy next door instead of a girl next door. So, the introduction of third person will make you go crazy and scream, “Kyaaaa!!!!”? Is that moe to you?

    1. You didn’t see Bakuman? That’s creating manga from the artist perspective. That’s a better job? Because from what I know, manga is like many creative jobs.. long hours and low wages, unless you have a popular series. I read of things like this a lot, so neighbors is a tried and true plot mechanism. As for the third person.. coming into the picture. I predict about that happening. It may or may not happen, but love triangles are sometimes used in a bl as well. Still.. would love to see a more possessive seme, because that’s a thing I like. Hmm… what is moe for me. I’ll have to think about it. ^_^

      1. I did see Bakuman, but stopped watching when I figured this was about manga-making rather than romantic comedy. Oh, so next door is a pretty typical plot device, hu? Yeah, love triangle is very exciting to watch. Yeah, when I see an anime where two girls getting jealous fighting each other to get you, that makes me ecstatic. That’s my “Kyaaa!!!” moment. Hahaha, possessive seme! Takano is not possesive enough??? Forcing a kiss on Ritsu without consent?

      2. There can never be enough possessiveness, until the whole world in their world knows that they are the IT couple! Forcing a kiss is just typical seduction of the uke! Ahhh typical… two girls and cat fights… So romantic comedies are more of what you watch then. In certain stories, next door neighbors can be used to further along the story.

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